Why Did Sammy The Seal Cross The Road?

We always hear that the grass is greener on the other side.

However, when you're a sea mammal like Sammy the Seal, the other side is where the fish are the freshest - especially when what's on the other side is The Lighthouse, a seafood restaurant in Dublin, Ireland.


Just look at him go!

You know you're hungry AF when you're willing to brave traffic Frogger-style to get some fish in your mouth. I watch this, and it's like I've been there before. I know this feel.


A challenger appears!

The Lighthouse has gotten so used to Sammy's visits that they've begun to try chasing him away with a chair. However, as any of us with the hunger know, it's only going to take him from hungry to hangry.


Ah, the taste of sweet resolution.

In this particular case, the employee eventually realized that you can't quite tell a hangry seal 'no' and went inside to get Sammy a fish. And the seal follows him like an overjoyed puppy. Which makes me suddenly wish I worked at the Lighthouse too.


The End... or, maybe it's not.

So Sammy finally gets his fish, eats the fish, savors the fish, and then immediately heads right back to land. You've got to respect the hustle.

Watch the full adventure in the embedded clip above, and then let me know:

Who would you rather be - an employee that gets to chase seals with chairs all day, or a seal who gets to eat an epic feast of fish market hand-outs?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more viral vids, follow my YouTube Nation collection!

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