“If We Never Aged, No Couple Would Ever Stay Married” by Lumina H.

“If We Never Aged, No Couple Would Ever Stay Married” by Lumina H. If we never aged, no couple would ever stay married. If we never wrinkled, if we never got uglier or fatter We would all still look as hot as our twenties, thus more than ever, looks would matter Because everybody is young, there is more competition to look better And between inner and outer beauty, people would prefer the latter. Just like in Justin Timberlake’s film “In Time” People would stop aging at twenty five, and no one can predict where we stand in our lifetime If everyone is young and attractive, there would be more crime Because the rebellious spirit and the dare devil passion of youth Would boost our ambitions, and higher we would try to climb. We would set no limits, because we will feel as though we would never die Every day in the mirror we see no wrinkles beneath our eyes We would question less about death or about life’s hows and whys Anti aging products are now useless, because to sagging skin we say “Bye”. So we would spend all our money on fashion and buy and buy To impress a million other sexy girls out there, or to find the rich right guy Because we defy the natural laws of time In God or religion we wouldn’t need to rely We would occupy our time with more plastic surgery to endlessly gratify and beautify Because now everyone’s the same age and we need to further identify Who is the butterfly and who is the dragonfly? Who has the sexiest eyes? Who needs to further modify? Our lives would become more robotic than the craziest Sci-Fi Because we would use all our supply, to comply, to escape being the ugly fly We would compete more to be more qualified Amongst everyone who is just as young, who are just as dignified. But the outcry of this is that Immortal beauty, in actual fact Would terrify, petrify, crucify, horrify Because we would become more animalistic in our desire to satisfy Our human instincts to infinitely intensify Our sexual desire, lust, greed and further would we objectify Each other by our appearances, and our soul, we would nullify. To whom would we need to testify Our inner beauty, when society only magnifies Physical beauty over religion, over the story of salvation and over why Jesus had to crucify We let loose our innate desires to glorify Our own bodies rather than to sanctify. We would live to feel excitement, passion and to be electrified In marriage, which requires more compromise and commitment, we would be dissatisfied Why should we resort to loving and having sex with only one person? When we can diversify our romantic relationships and be more intensely gratified? Because every passerby is around the same age Every single person of the opposite sex becomes a potential romantic partner with whom we can engage Faithfulness would become harder to keep only for your spouse Because others still find you attractive in your eighties And just like your twenties, you still feel easily aroused. Why would there be any need to promise fidelity with the same person in your house? When the whole world is knocking on your doorstep to loosen your blouse? Raising kids, you would have so much trouble Because even though he’s growing a beard, your body never ages, and soon they become your double Your kids will turn the same age as you in physical body And nobody can guess who the parent is, because you are the same age as everybody Anybody, even your own high school friends, can hit on your kids and it won’t be pedophilia Because pretty soon, they look the same age as your kids in form And their infatuation for them won’t be shocking news to the media Adultery and infidelity would be more tempting than ever Because you’re still twenty and looking fine, passion can flow like the river You and your co-worker can meet eye to eye and feel the fever. Your spouse will go grocery shopping, or to see your kid’s teacher on parent visiting day But oh no, did I mention that now that everyone’s the same age They have no limits and boundaries and lust might creep in, it may. Your children’s friends, when they go to university They are now adults in your eyes, but also to their eyes, you are also physically the same age You two have physical similarity. This means there is a possibility That you and your children’s friend can feel chemistry How fucked up is that? Can you imagine the dishonesty? That could go on between married couples in a world full of sexual immorality? Because nature allowed all of us to retain physical youth and beauty at the height of its popularity. Our life expectancy would only mean numbers Because at ninety years old, you could still date a twenty year old An age would REALLY only be just a number Your romantic flings would multiply in tenfold. Yes, you and your spouse can still stay married If you two love each other truly But in a world where everyone is young and look like fairies You are bound to be tempted daily, unless you treat your admirers cruelly. I’m just so glad God made us age and wrinkle Because if he didn’t we may sparkle and twinkle But it would be so much harder than it already is to stay faithful to only one person Because I would still be as attractive as I was in my twenties And the temptation to cheat would worsen.

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