{MM} What Manga Has Your Favorite Art?


Happy Manga Monday, Everyone!

The wonderful thing about visual mediums is that every manga has it's key differences. Every mangaka has their own particular style that shines through on the page when they create.

With so many different mangas, and different artists working on them, the variety of art styles grows and grows. Yet everyone always has some manga, or even just one, that stands out among the rest as being the most eye-catching, the most appealing to look at.

So that begs the question I propose today: What Manga has your favorite art?

For me, it's probably Berserk.

The mangaka responsible for this manga is Kentaro Miura, and he puts a painstaking level of detail into each of his panels. Seriously.

Being that Berserk is heavily influenced by western medieval style art and history, there are a lot of dark colors and heavy action sequences, all drawn out in deliberate detail. Every piece of Guts' armor is drawn in, every scale on the belly of dragons' accounted for.

The scale of the art can be monumental, too. The size of the Apostles when they show up in the manga is incredible, and the size of them is portrayed with real gravity. Miura is an amazing mangaka with a great eye for detail. Even if people begin to change their opinions to longer Berserk goes on.

What manga has your favorite art?

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