Exodus (Exo FanFic Chapter 11)

Chapter 11~ Kai

~1994 London~

The sun was hiding behind the clouds as I walked the streets of London with my baby Jongin. I was pushing a stroller while sight seeing. I was pretend to not know where I was going when I bump into a couple. "I'm so sorry." I told them as they nod and accept my apology. They were about to walk off when I stopped them to ask if they can watch Jongin while I go to the restroom. They agreed and took Jongin as I ran off. I stayed behind the wall for hours. Hoping they will give up waiting and take Jongin to their home but they didn't. The male was getting irritated by my disappearance. The hours ticked by and I decided I had enough so I teleported to home. I knew I can keep an eye on Jongin as I do with the others. ~Person p.o.v~ I rocked the crying baby as people gave my newly husband and I judgmental looks. "shhh sweetie please stop crying. I'm sure mommy will return" but as the hours gone by there was no appearance of the mom. By this time the baby was asleep and my husband got tired of waiting so he just suggest that we just go home and look tomorrow. I was really hoping that we can find her but we got nothing. The police are not sure about our story so we decided to give up and take the baby in our lives. My husband and I sat down at the table looking at the baby sleeping. My husband handed me an white envelope with something else with it. I gave a confused face but looked at the white envelope. After opening it, I read the letter from the mom. She wrote that the baby name is Jongin and his nickname is Kai. When he grows up he can find his brothers with the necklace. She plead us to take care of her son as if he was ours. I looked at my husband and nod to tell me that we are keeping the baby.

A/N: An update I hope you enjoyed it. I want to Thank everyone again for the birthday wishes. I would have done it yesterday but I was working and forgot after. I'm also working right now but I'm on lunch break. Anyways bye. I'll try and update Sehun's and Nari's chapter tomorrow. @MichelleIbarra@KaeliShearer@MsLoyalHeart@terenailyn@MeghanJorgina@Kpossible4250@TesneemElAlami@RandomName@Stefany17@Allyson3333@KassyGuz96@tiffany1922@christianliu@EmilyPeacock@Keniaaxox@sarahdarwish@DanaMichelle@faith92@RedChord@morhilge1441@MelissaGarza@BetseyBleau@MrsBangYongGuk

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