∙◦∙B.I.G. (Group Of The Week) Announcement∙◦∙

This week's Group of the Week is B.I.G!!!

The lovely@JiyongLeo is otherwise engaged at present and will not be able to start the group introduction until tomorrow. But she wanted you all to know what group she will be featuring this week.

So here you all go! I hope you look forward to learning about B.I.G this week. I know I will.

Group of the week taglist:@catchyacrayon@KwonOfAKind@lovetop@Kieuseru@ESwee@EliseB@KAddict@Starbell808@pharmgirlerin@lilbr0wneyes@resavalencia@CrystalGuerra@SerenityThao@Helixx@jessicaacosta90@Isolate@Bwolfgirl

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