Try to go undercover...The idol style

I DECIDED TO MAKE A CHALLENGE!! Hoho it it my mind. I'm just as excited about this as suga is.

So you know how kpop idols kind of have their own undercover outfit. Or a airport outfit.



I was just messing around but I'm not sure how many people will try this!!! You have to make at least 2-3 undercover outfits with the clothing you have in your drawer. Get creative and take pictures and post them in a card!

Down below is mine. Mine isn't as creative because I literally have so much black and a crap ton of scarfs.

Here is my first one I threw in the fedora for spice.

Tbh when you got too much swag.

Threw that in there for cuteness bc I'm a smol boy.

Feel free to do the challenge or tag Sombody!? Idk. TAGGIN MAH PEEPS@LemonLassie@SindyHernandez@JessicaEvaristo@ninjamidori@Destiny98@faith92@MichelleMonroe@JessicaFigueroa@Ivonvons@MelissaGarza@tinathellama@gyapittman@MeghanJorgina@NordiaBarragan @VKookie47@ThePinkPrincess@JinsPrincess86@kpopandkimchi@LAVONYORK@BBxGD@shannonl5@MrsBangYoungguk @Sara3@Sailynn@Jinnyrod3@XergaB20@hikaymm@CreeTheOtaku@B1A4BTS5ever@TLeahEdwards

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