Miscommunication Part 13

You wander down the hall in your sleeping shorts, tank top and short robe loosely tied. You stop short at the kitchen when you see Junsu and three other men. You automatically tighten your robe and are about to run back down the hall when he looks up.

“Good Morning,” he comments, still laughing at something they were doing. Three additional pair of male eyes focus on you. Okay, you recognize your driver Seon Ki, and one looks suspiciously like Juno, Junsu’s twin. The third man you are pretty certain you’ve never met.

“I’m sorry,” you hold the top of your robe and bow. “I didn’t think you’d be here or have company. I’m just going to disappear now,” you say as you quickly turn and walk down the hallway.

You can hear Juno tease Junsu, “She’s cute. If you’re greeted like that every day, no wonder you called me for advice. If you haven’t decided what your feelings are yet, I’ll date her.” Your face flames red as you hear a tussle come from up the hall, followed by more laughter.

When you’ve finished your shower and are presentable, you sit in your room. You opened your door a crack and could still hear the voices so you quickly shut it again. You are so embarrassed. It isn’t like people hadn’t seen you in swimwear or even your work-out clothes; but this was just humiliating. No matter how much your stomach growls for the bacon you can smell, you aren’t coming out. You fish your kindle out of your bag and climb onto the chair by the window to catch up on your reading.

A light knock interrupts you a few minutes later. “Yes?”

You don’t get up, you aren’t showing your face until everyone, including Junsu, has vacated the penthouse.

The knob twists a little, another knock follows. Again you reply, “Yes?”

This time he replies, “Can I talk to you?” Except you can hear another muffled voice, he isn’t alone.

“Sorry, I’m a little busy right now. “

You hear a sigh and something that sounds a lot like, ‘Go back to the living room’. A couple of minutes pass and there is a knock again, “Please, open door.”

Can you face him? It is his house, you’ve become too comfortable lately; really, it is your own fault. You’re behaving like a child instead of a grown woman you berate yourself as you walk over to unlock the door. You have your mask you use at work in place when you open the door.


A repentant face greets you. “You’re embarrassed. I’m sorry, I not see you to inform, my brother. I should have had guards do it.”

You smile, the male if freaking adorable, “You have nothing to be sorry about, this is your home. I simply didn’t expect an entire room of men while in my pajama’s.” Your head automatically lowers when you say it, you can’t help it. Guess your mask isn’t fully in place after all.

He puts a finger under your chin to raise your head back up, “They were very charming pajama’s.” To which you roll your eyes and turn an even darker shade of red.

“Was that what you wanted to say to me?”

“Some,” he smiles, “Breakfast was for you, a surprise. Juno wanted to meet you; he came to help me cook.” He chuckles to himself, “We failed. Security came in to help before we set fire.”


He raises his eyebrow…. “Why?”

“Why were you cooking bacon for breakfast for me?”

“It is American breakfast no?”


“Yes? I’m confused.”

“You were cooking it for me because I’m American?” you attempt to clarify.

“We were cooking to surprise you. You don’t like bacon?”

“I do. It’s the reason I came out of my room that way.” He has the grace to look down while he smirks.

“You made quite the impression,” he says now hiding his slight laugh behind his hand.

“If you’re done? I think your brother is waiting for you.” You walk over to the door to hold it open.

He walks over and takes your hand, “He’s waiting for us.”

You just look at him and remove your hand from his, “Don’t keep him waiting.”

He just stands there, still not sure why you aren’t going with him or what he can do. A cough comes from the open door way, you look over in horror to see Juno standing there with his arms folded. He’s looking over at Junsu as he shakes his head,

“How old are you? Still such a dongsaeng.” He reaches over, grabs your hand and pulls you down the hallway.

He pulls a seat out for you at the table and sits you down. “We almost burned down the hotel. Eat; it’s getting cold.”

So he’s a typical hyung, very bossy. And you realize you aren’t embarrassed any longer. You shake your head and pick up a piece of bacon.

As you take a bite and relish in the heaven that is bacon, he suddenly states, “And those pajamas weren’t just charming they were sexy.” You start to cough and choke on the piece you were trying to eat.

A hand is suddenly smacking you on the back, a glass of water appears in front of you. “Really hyung?”

“What? I was serious earlier, you be good to her or I will be,” and with that he dug into his own plate of bacon and eggs.

Junsu sighs and leans down to see your face, “You okay?” He glares over at his brother, “I didn’t invite him, he just showed up, like a stray dog.”

You swallow and can breathe once again. “I’m fine, thank you,” as you take the glass of water from him to take a drink.

“A stray dog? Such disrespect!” They continue to bat at each other through the remainder of breakfast but you can tell that they love each other.

“I had some time so I came to work on that bit you want to put in the concert next week.”

“Concert?” you ask innocently.

“Didn’t you know?” he asks and then claps his brother on the back, “Mr. Workaholic here is only playing Dracula for two weeks, then he is flying to Japan for the start of his solo tour. Seriously, you didn’t tell her?”

You look down at your half eaten plate and quickly reply, “We don’t report our schedules; I guess the guards know them, they kind of have to. Other than that, he’s just letting me stay here for protection.” You slide your chair back, “That was delicious, thank you both.” You look over at Juno and give a bow, “It was nice to meet you. If you’ll excuse me, I really do have some things I need to get back to.”


*Disclaimer: Junsu was 1 of 2 Dracula's in the 2014 Musical. He revisited his role this year but I'm not sure how long it ran. He is currently in Japan. Isn't it fun to mix 'n mash everything up? lol.

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