Zack Grienke: Value Up Or Down In Fantasy After Move To Arizona

Hey guys! Back with more fantasy baseball news to help everyone prep for the upcoming draft!

This off-season the biggest pitcher available on the market was Zach Grienke. He had a monster 2015 and teams came offering the house for him to leave the Dodgers.

While many expected Zach to stay put, he signed a monster deal to join the Arizona Diamondbacks. Will this move come back to haunt him?

Last year, Grienke posted an amazing statline of 19-3 with 200k and a 1.66 ERA.

The Dodgers were a team led by their amazing pitching. Their hitting was up and down all year. Arizona, can actually provide nice pop. They have a couple nice pieces that can score some runs.

Their biggest problem was pitching. They struggled keeping teams off base and hurting them with the run totals. Bringing in Grienke should help with that a lot. I expect him to get great run support in Arizona.

While it's hard to envision numbers as flawless as last year, I wouldn't say it's going to be that crazy of a drop off. I still think he's a top tier arm in 2016.



Did Zach Grienke's value rise or drop with the move to the Arizona Diamondbacks in fantasy baseball?

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