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I am going to KILL HIM! You growled to yourself as your eyes scanned the the area around you. You knew your lousy best friend was around here somewhere since he ran in this direction. You tried to keep your anger to a minimum but how could you when your so-called best friend just threatened to tell GD about the dream you had about him. Your feet come to a halt when you see his spiky black hair. His back was facing you as you see he was chatting with BIGBANG. Your heart almost jumped out of your throat at the thought that he was telling the rest of the BIGBANG members as well. YAH! YOU ARE SO DEAD! You yelled from across the room as you began to ran towards him. Once he got within your range, you launched yourself at him and sent him a flying kick at his back. HOW DARE YOU TELL THEM MY DREAM ABOUT JIYONG! Your best friend toppled forward landing on the rest of the members that tried to catch him and gaped at you in shock. _________-ah! What are you doing?! Taeyang asked completely bewildered. You point a finger at the body you kicked earlier, Stopping this little weasel from embarrassing me any further! And you all, You scan your eyes on each and every members faces, Dont you DARE tell Jiyong what you just heard. UNDERSTOOD?! You watched them cower in fear like they usually did when you got a little bit too violent. They always knew well enough not to mess with you when youre violent… well, except for one of them. What the hell… The familiar voice that always made your heart race called out from the still recovering body. It was only then that you noticed how much taller the person you kicked was… oh god. Jiyong snapped his head at you with a scowl on his handsome face making him look even hotter in your opinion… but this wasnt the time for that… he was obviously PISSED. He stood up with the help of the other members and rubbed his back where you kicked him. What the hell was that for?! He growled, making you shrink. Omo… Ji-Jiyong… You muttered but tried to laugh it off, Annyong… hehe? You raised a hand and did a small wave. You were definitely going to kill your best friend now. The rest of the BIGBANG members scattered away from the two of you, knowing that Jiyong angry is bad news. You tried to plead with your eyes for them to stay but they all looked away leaving you helpless, alone, and under the dragons mercy. Annyong? He gritted his teeth in annoyance, Thats all you have to say after kicking me in the back? What if I had gotten seriously injured? Im supposed to film our MV today! You flinched at his words. You knew he was in G-Dragon, Mr. Professional Work-a-holic mode. He always took his work very seriously and wants everything to be perfect. Im sorry… You give in and look down at the floor, wishing itd open up and swallow you whole. I thought you were someone else… earlier… you were blonde… so I didnt think… There was an awkward silence, giving you time to curse at your friend in your head for the situation hed just put you in. Finally, he broke the silence we a sigh and you watched him comb through his hair with his hand, Even still, you shouldnt just jump kick people out of no where if youre mad at them… especially in the back… its dangerous. His tone had softened but just him reprimanding you was horrible enough. It was like an adult scolding a child… You felt like your chances of being with him were diminishing. You bowed your heard in response and wanted to get out of this situation as soon as possible. Im very sorry… I really didnt mean to cause you any trouble or put you through any pain… Im so sorry. Ill be more careful and considerate next time. You kept your head down, too embarrassed to even look at him in the eye. Its fine. No one was hurt… so its okay. He responded. There was another pause as you waited to see if he had anymore to say. Since nothing came, you decided that it was probably your chance to leave. Then… Ill be going… You mutter and quickly turned to escape. But just as you thought you were free, an arm curls around your shoulders, pulling you back. Not so fast there… Jiyongs playful and amused voice came to your ear, making you shiver with dread, Im not done with you yet. You gulped and didnt move, realizing that his body was just behind yours. The tension in the air came back, making your mind race on what else he had to say to you. Please dont ask me, please dont ask me, please dont. So, what is this dream that you had of me? You felt your soul leave your body and all the blood drain from your face. Suddenly, you started praying for your best friend to come and save you even though a few minutes ago you were cursing him to death. He was always the one who saved you in situations like these. You even started apologizing in your head to him, but you knew there was no hope for you. Today was the day youd die of embarrassment. W-w-what? W-what are you talking about Jiyong-sshi? You tried to play it off cool but your stuttering and sudden politeness was a dead giveaway. You mentally slapped yourself for not being a better liar. Why dont you tell me? You hear him smirk in your ear. Your mind raced for all possibilities of escaping this dreadful situation. You even thought about hitting him again and making a run for it but you knew that would result in him never speaking to you again. You stayed silent, feeling completely helpless and at a loss. Was it… a naughty dream? He continued to tease and immediately, your whole body shut down losing all hope in saving yourself. Its over, its all over. The cat is out of the bag. BIGBANG on set! A voice called out making you almost want to cry with relief. You didnt dare to make a move and waited for Jiyong to be the first to leave. You hear him give out a little sigh before walking away without another word. You couldnt believe it. Somehow you got out of that alive… You began to thank the heavens for letting you see the light of day. Taking this chance, you quickly made your way out of the room and down the hall from where you came. But just as you remembered your hunt for your best friend, you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. You fished it out to read the text message you had received but the feeling of dread, embarrassment, and helplessness came flooding back at you: Youre not off the hook yet, babe. Youre going to tell me your dream in full detail so we can reenact it tonight. See you at home.

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