Walk To The Future: Chapter 2: The Fight

I've been super busy with school all these classes and i just switched a class so i had to learn new material, on Top of my phone being broken and all these dang essays my english teacher is making me write i haven't had time to come back to the story until things calmed down a bit. So i apologize if this was actually read and you were waiting for me to actually come back with chapter two.


Mark had decided to leave Got7 to take a break from the group and asked Jackson to come with him. Jackson decides to agree (unbeknownst to Mark) and when Mark lies to Jackson about a schedule change just to avoid him, Jackson becomes enraged with Mark, and not only because he lied but because he got in trouble with JB!

Chapter 2 begin

Jackson walked into Got7's dorm and threw down his duffle bag on the couch. Fuming over what just happened he snatched his towel, washcloth and toothpaste then stormed into the bathroom. Taking a shower and getting in bed before anybody else got back was his number one priority. Turning the water on Jackson lets the hot jets spring into his slightly mussed hair to dampen it. How could Mark, Jackson wasn't really that mad about him lying; what made him angry though was JB yelling at him. No body could tell but Jackson Had a big

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