Miguel Sano: Why Is He Flying Below The Radar?

Hey guys! Back with more fantasy baseball news to help everyone prep for their upcoming drafts. The Minnesota Twins have been a lost franchise for the better part of the last decade. Outside of Joe Mauer, the team hasn't added a game changing player. That changed last year with the emergence of Miguel Sano. He had a great year in 2015, so why is no one talking highly about him in the draft rooms?

In 2015, he hit 270 with 18 HR and 52 RBI. These are very strong numbers for a first year player. Sano is making the move to outfield, which will give him more flexibility for position posts in leagues as well. I'm very confident that his skills will increase, the big question is: how much better have the guys gotten around him? Sano has the power and plate discipline to see his HR and RBI jump, IF the guys can get on base in front of them. I expect the offense to improve some, so he could be a steal. Don't reach too much, but don't pass on him for a guy like Puig either.

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