How tall Am I? HOW TALL AM I??!?! ...pretty tall. how tall are you compare to....


hello there today it's late and I was about to do stuff but got distracted off by a idea I decided to make a how tall are you series/I don't know about it I just had a idea so yeah thing so with out further ado let's start

now you wonderful people don't know me that I am 5'7 1/2 feet tall and if you don't know how tall that is then I shall show you with my good friends (hopefully someday when I meet them) seventeen


yes let's start shall we


so it was interesting to know how I would look next to scoops when I meet him so when I found out I was next to his eyes or ears or head I was happy I guess at least no one can call me short (I hate being call short I started to have that problem after I stopped growing lol )

jeongbae I mean hanbae I mean lol jeonghan is really tall he's a boy duh but I'm about to his forhead? so it's all goods will just be two beautiful people that are tall and fabulous

my fellow christan kid wasz up lol Joshua the handsome cutie...... okay he's straight up wonbin bae ness level okay ..ahem but I'm up to his forhead so lol I been looking in his eyes them beautiful eyes like Chrystal water except chocolate.. lol

when I saw this I was like "dang you tall" his eyes are my mark hehe mark get it mark got7 A really? no? k

YOSHIIIIIIII say the name YOSHIIIII his cute adorable eye smile weakness I'm looking wow up close and person with his eyes ohh dear someone call the doctor that's to much sweet

can I just say boo look cute in the third pic nah his forhead is we're I am looking well at least it's not that bad he could be hugging my chest

sigh we all know he huggs my chest lol I can't help to say "you must be this tall to ride " when I see his height lol sorry woozi


now since I'm getting tired let's speed up seo guk eyes my gah

well Harry Potter looks like I'm up to your forhead

guess I'm a little below eye level thanks a booger

boo your forhead

boo above your forhead

guess your forhead Jack

baby boy I'm just taller than you I'm not even on a radar but a fact for all of you we're the same age he's just few months older lol not a opppa because people the same age year don't gotaa use that thank God lol


ikr I'm pretty tall lol


beat that Shorties ha lol


I'm sorry lol but please tell me who to do next or just tell me how tall you are so I can glo - I mean feel bad for you lol

tagging the short or tall people.

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