Weed-Infused Vodka Is A Thing Now.

I just Googled itYes, thanks to Humboldt Distillery, weed-infused vodka is here, making the world a Grateful Dead concert one Bloody Mary at a time.


Okay, so SPOILER ALERT: It's only 0.3% THC,

However, it will get you drunk, and Humboldt Distillery claims the small amount of THC will actually help you prevent that hangover. (Or at least lessen it a whole bunch.)

The company also adds that the vodka tastes great as a substitute for regular vodka or gin in a number of different cocktails. But considering that it tastes like weed, chances are it probably makes everything taste disgusting. (Not that I'd know what weed tastes like. I've just heard stories.)

What do YOU guys think about weed-flavored alcohol? Would you actually try this stuff? Do you think this will start a trend of weed-infused liquors?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more strange (but true!) news, follow my WTF Street Journal collection!

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