Thoughts That Cross Every Woman's Mind During A Manicure

While I sit in the car peeling the chipped gel polish off my nails, it's apparent I need a manicure and quick. My nails need some serious tender love and care, trust me they look like they've had a hard life. Contemplating the next color I would love to flaunt on my youthful hands, my mind recalls every thought that crosses my mind while in the care of a manicurist. If you regularly get manicures or have ever stepped foot in a nail salon, more than likely you've had at least one of thoughts. Keep scrolling to see thoughts every woman has during a manicure.


Have any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind? @amobigbang@nicolejb@alywoah@TessStevens@EasternShell@waanderer@humairaa@stephosorio@primodiva@LAVONYORK@stephosorio

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