Living Faith

But whom say ye that I am? –Christ It really does matter what one thinks about Christ. For example, if we consider Him as only a man, we may admire His personal character and His teachings, but we cannot trust Him as our Saviour. A mere man could not by His death make atonement for our sins. A man could not deliver us in temptation, nor help us in weakness, nor guide us in the tangled paths of life. But if we believe in Christ as a divine being, all this is changed. His death was of sufficient value to atone for all sin. He is able to defend, deliver, and save His people. An important question is what is Christ to us personally? Is He only in our creed, or is He our personal Saviour, our friend, our Lord? It is this form of the question that most concerns us. There is only one person for whose opinions and beliefs we are individually responsible, and that is – our–self. Then mere opinions are not enough; we must have a personal, living faith in Christ if we would be saved.

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