Op-Ed: No More Dead Lesbians


Please and thank you.

I was excited because I had not yet lived enough to have all of my LGBT+ heroes and heroines Tragically Murdered.


Okay but what's the big deal?

[Game of Thrones SPOILERS].

They're all very different characters with individual experiences.

[Following contains spoilers for Buffy, The 100, The Walking Dead, & Call the Midwife].


Spoiler alert: The lesbian dies!

Autostraddle has a listIf this were the CDC, this would probably be considered an epidemic, and having a romantic or sexual relationship would be one of the tell-tale symptoms of an impending death.


There's a reason for it. And it's outdated.

Because the books traveled through the U.S. Postal service they were subject to government censorship, which meant that no character was allowed to be both homosexual and happy at the end of the book

It's not *just* annoying.

When the representation of some groups (like LGBT+ women for example) are overwhelmingly negative, this can have a huge impact on not only our individual self-image, but in the perceptions of the community for those outside of it.

No more dead lesbians.

This isn't the 1950s. Being a woman attracted to other women is no longer considered a mental illness. There's no reason for the overwhelming majority of LGBT+ stories to end in tragedy. We're not broken. We're not doomed. And we're tired of being told that lie.

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