How to Destroy Your Friendships W/ Mario Party in 3 Easy Steps

invite them over for a game of Mario Party.

simple and easy

Steal All of Everything

dirty Mario Party,laugh at them.

Mess With Your Friends During Minigames

fuck you


If All Else Fails, Break Everything

If just suggesting a game of Mario Party to your friends doesn't make them hate you a little bit and if the two previous steps don't work out then you'll have to resort to something more devious. You'll have to break stuff. I'm sorry. It's true. You might not have to break the television -- because that'll probably get you beaten up (it will, trust me -- but you might need to slap a couple of controllers out of hands while your friends try to win the minigames. And that my result in the breaking of controllers.

especially Alex, you plib

i did all that i could.
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