I'm with you

CH. 14

The weekend finally came and you were nervous. How are you going to hang out with Tae as a friend and nothing more? You hoped he wasn’t expecting anything from this. Key had work out of town so you weren’t worried. You never mentioned this weekend to him, you meant to but it just slipped your mind and he never asked what you were doing this weekend.

Your phone rings, it’s Tae calling.

“Hello Tae.” You say.

“Hey sweetie you ready?” Tae asks.

“Yeah I’m just waiting for you.” You reply.

“Great, I’ll be up in less than five minutes. Okay.” Tae says you acknowledge him.

Before you know it there’s a knock at your door. You walk towards it grabbing your things and putting your shoes on you open the door to a bright rectangle smile. You smile back at Tae walking out of the apartment and shutting your door.

“Hey sweetie” Tae says while moving in for a hug. Your hesitant at first but you feel warm and comfortable in his arms. It’s peaceful, you thought about Kibum’s embrace and how it made you feel. It’s the same but for Tae it feel’s deeper and stress free, with Key your always worried even though it feels nice it’s stressful. You separate from Tae and together you walk to his car.

You didn’t notice someone watching from a distance. You just got into Tae’s car like it was normal. This person was stopping by to surprise you his plans had changed and he wanted to spend a weekend with you but it appeared you had other plans. Key looks down with a sad expression on his face. You didn’t tell him about you going out with Tae.

“Let’s go for a hike.” Tae suggests. You nod your head. Tae notices you being quite.

“Anything wrong Y/N?” Tae asks, you shake your head no, but your heart is racing and your nervous. Tae notices your hands and you’re playing with your fingers he looks at your face and he sees you bite your lip. Tae figures your nervous around him. So maybe he still has a chance with you.

You reach the park where Tae wants to take you hiking. Your grateful that you whore clothes that fit the excursion otherwise it wouldn’t be fun. You get out of the car and stretch while Tae comes around and grabs your arm.

“Let’s get going.” Tae said. You quickly pull your arm away.

“Lead the way.” You say with a smile. Tae has a sad hurtful look on his face because you took your hand away. But quickly smiles and turns around to lead the way.

You haven’t been hiking in quite a while so you run out of breath a lot more quickly. And your knees are weaker quicker. But you are enjoying the view. After about an hour and a half of hiking with only five stops you and Tae finally reach your destination.

“I wanted to show this to you. Isn’t it beautiful?” Tae asks with a huge smile on his face and looking at you. He notices you’re having a little more trouble and comes over to help.

“Here take my hand Y/N.” Tae holds out his hand to you and you accept it. As he’s pulling you up he pulls a little hard making the both of you fall and your laying on top of him. Tae notices your eyes closed and he took the opportunity to kiss you. Tae clasps his hands on your face and kisses your lips. Your eyes shoot open and his eyes are closed. Your telling your body to move off of Tae but it won’t listen.

Tae continues kissing you and the kisses become more passionate, you feel Tae wanting access to your mouth with his tongue and without thinking your body responds and you let him in. You realize your kissing him back. Tae’s lips are soft and sweet like a lollipop. Tae wraps his arms around you making sure you can’t escape then he starts to move his hands down your sides and slides them up your shirt. It was then when you snapped out of the trance you were in and pulled away from Tae’s kiss.

“I’m sorry, I can’t.” You quickly get up and walk over to the side. Touching your lips with teary eyes, you hated the fact that it felt so good and Key was still in your heart. How could you kiss another man like that? What is wrong with you? You start to question yourself.

“Hey Y/N, I’m sorry it’s my fault I took advantage of you.” Tae says to you, and you try your best not to look at him because you’re afraid if you do, you’ll be kissing him again. You needed to get your head straight.

“Y/N please look at me.” Tae walks over to you and turns you around to look at him. Tae notices your watery eyes. Tae didn’t plan on upsetting you, and he hated it that he could do that to you, but his heart was over ruling his head and he just wanted you so badly.

“I think we shouldn’t see each other anymore.” You say looking Tae dead in the eyes. Tae’s eyes get wide and he scoffs.

“You mean..” Tae trails off looking off into the distance and then back at you.

“At least not alone, we should be with friends.” You continue. Tae understood what you meant, his kiss, his touching you affected you more than you wanted it to and this was your way of pushing him away.

“If that’s what you think is best Y/N, then okay.” Tae says with a smile. Tae felt that even with being friends eventually you’ll fall for him. He could play the waiting game, if it’s for you he would wait forever if he had to.

“Let’s get back it will be dark when we get you home, I’m sure your Key will be mad at you for not being home.” Tae says as he starts to walk off by himself. You watch him and take a breath before you follow.

You couldn’t help but think about what Tae said, “Your Key.” You hurt Tae and it broke your heart to see Tae sad because of you. Okay so maybe you may like Tae, but is it enough to end your relationship with Kibum? No, Kibum is still the person you think of every waking moment, you even dream of him even though it’s nightmares. God why can’t you move past your trauma? Maybe you needed some time to be alone with no one so your heart could be honest. But that thought was quickly replaced with not even going to try to lose Kibum. You were a zombie when you thought he was dead, knowing he doesn’t belong to you anymore hurt.

When you snapped out of your thinking, you looked up to see Tae was no were in from of you. You looked everywhere but couldn’t see him.

“TAE, TAE!!” you start shouting, but you didn’t hear anything. You grab for your phone but remembered you left it in the car. You don’t panic you just focus on going straight, you didn’t make any turns coming up so you should be fine.

Tae kept walking without looking back, he was thinking about what you said and his plan on stealing you away from Key. It wasn’t until he saw the car that he turned to let you know how close you were when he noticed you weren’t behind him. Tae was about to panic.

“Y/N, Y/N!!” Tae calls out for you and he doesn’t hear anything. Now he feels panic and wanting more than anything to have you slap him for flirting with you. Tae looks at his phone, no calls, very little bars. Tae calls your phone hoping you’ll answer, but you don’t, now the panic is setting in.

“Y/N, Y/N!! ANSWER ME PLEASE!!” Tae shouts as he runs in the direction he came down. It’s starting to get darker and he hopes he runs into you before too much longer. Tae keeps yelling for you.

Your sitting on a tree stump. “Just my luck” you thought. “Getting lost in the forest yup that would be me. Forgetting my phone too yup that is so me.” You say to yourself calling yourself a “dumbass.” Your sitting quietly trying to hear for Tae just in case he could be looking for you. You close your eyes and focus on the surrounding sounds. The trees where swaying with the wind, you notice you don’t hear any birds but it is dark now. Then you hear it.

“Y/N, Y/N where are you, answer me.” Tae shouts again.

“Kibum!!” you thought, no wait Tae it’s Tae.

“I’m over here Tae, over here.” You shout back you start running in the direction of Tae’s voice.

“Where can you hear me, try and follow the sound of me. Oomph.” You run into Tae’s back knocking him down.

“Oh Tae, I’m sorry I got lost, and.” You start off saying but Tae just flips over and hugs you tight.

“I was so scared I lost you in here, do you have any idea how scary that is.” Tae pulls away.

“Why, how did you get lost?” Tae asks.

“I get lost in my closet of course I could get lost here.” You reply. Tae just hugs you again. You pat his back telling him your fine as he pulls away again checking you over to make sure you’re not hurt anywhere.

“Let’s go, it’s late and I’m hungry.” You say. Tae just wipes his face and sniffs nodding his head in response. You stand up holding out your hand to help Tae up and go back to the car together.



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