A Tiger's Stripes Ch 6

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A Kim Jong Kook Fan Fiction 6 Exceptionally satisfied with your grocery shopping and a few important questions answered you released Mr. Kim from his babysitting duties. Now you lay stretched out on the couch getting familiar with the new setting. Your body is restless and you were mentally clogged. Jet lag and the time difference has your body confused. You got off the couch and started stretching. When that wasn't enough to relax your body you change your jeans to sweats, grab a water bottle, towel, wrist brace and decided on the only solution that came natural to you. ... "Hello haven," you greeted the fitness sanctuary when the elevator doors open at the 3rd basement level. The desk attendant seemed on edge to get back to the equipment and workout, but checked your brand new membership card and greeted you properly. It was late afternoon on a week day so the gym was as quiet as the ones back in the states. A few people scattered around but there was enough equipment that no one had to share or wait their turn. You smiled observing the updated equipment and the amazing amenities, familiarizing yourself with the area before starting your routine. Plopping your lose items in their designated areas you start the treadmill for a good 5 minute warm-up. The buttons are labeled in Korean but the indicators and symbols were easy to follow. Speeding up only to increase your heart rate a bit you realize your headphones have been forgotten. You try to make do with the upbeat Korean and American music that play through the sound system of the fitness center. The mix was pretty good you admit as it influences your pace. Glancing around the gym from the higher vantage point of the treadmill you can see almost everyone in the gym. Mr. Choi, the attractive neighbor you had met earlier, was not of the few that were getting their workout in. *Of course not* you scold yourself. He most likely finished hours ago when you were out grocery shopping or lounging around. From your high view not only could you see just about everyone you notice your were getting stares and repetitive glances. Obviously you would, you were a foreigner and you looked like it also if these people were regulars to the facility they would know you weren't. On to the next one, you calculate your options. You had 3 days to yourself. So you could put in a good lower body focus, leg day in. While, TrueStar, the girl group you would be working with had classes to finish and physicals to do. Some were still in public school and the older girls were being tutored at the company. They all needed physicals as was your contract with the company before they were allowed to take your routine. As you were transitioning from a squat machine to a hip abductor some invaded your space. You thought maybe you both were just going in the same direction, you were more focused on you next goal than your surroundings so you could have been at fault. You halt your step and allow the person to make the first move. Instead they stopped with you. You look up to encourage them to decide. This person most be a new addition to the small group of members making use of the facility. You mentally confirmed that thought when you didn't notice sweat or shortness of breath. You also realize that he isn't actually attempting to walk in the same direction you were but was trying to grab your attention. "Sorry to interupt you," you were slightly, no more than slightly shocked by the English. You thought English would be a rarity in Korea. Though you learned in your studies English was talk in Korean schools, so were foreign languages taught in The States. That definitely didn't me you learned Spanish or French you first for around. In fact, you learned both partially in college and only put more effort into them when you made Traveling Fitness Coach your career. "I was wondering are you The Commander?" A smirk grew on your face, your name had proceeded you.

Author's Note: As I said earlier, I put more time into this one so way proud. I was even smiling in the gym thinking about it earlier today. I might really change the schedule I had for it. Anywhos this is your favorite K-Pop/K-World Fandom Trainee, just a trainee, Elisha aka ENF2. Today is another day to do better, I'll do better, you do better. 사랑해❤

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