I'm His Noona ft. Jungkook

I was talking to my girl@MariaDls and J.Fong, Sorry, forget your ID here. Anyways, I was talking about how I love my guys in BTS and how I've been faithful to my UB Rapmon but I saw how big Kookie has been growing. I fell for him in the commercial of Jessi and BTS about data coupon. Here is the commercial. He's gotten so fierce lol

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It'll have some sexy teasing and a bit of groping and hair pulling, So no Fluffy scenes here, well not that much anyway. Let's continue.

We just finished the rehearsal for tomorrow's performance, I'm a back up dancer for CL. The girls started to grab their stuff and go home, but I stayed to practice a little bit more. I'm stuck with the part where we are on the floor and for the life of me, can't remember how to place my legs correctly. I grab my phone to check if my mom left me any messages and to text her I'll be home late. I saw that I had a text from the maknae from BTS, Jungkookie.

'He's so cute, I can't believe he's grown so much in the past few years I've known him. I wonder if Namjoonie has given him the "talk". These past few months, he's been so affectionate and carefree with skinship that I have glares from my own friends. I need to talk to him about this.' I open the text that Kookie sent me and I drop my phone. I put a hand to my mouth to control my breathing. I lean down to grab the phone and saw ....

Following that picture is a sentence,

Do you think I have chocolate abs?

Me: Why do you even care about my opinion, ask Jimin, he's the one that has 'em.

Kookie: I very much care about you and your opinion, YOU'VE SEEN Jimins ABS?

Me: Umm, yea~~~Everytime I'm over your dorm.

Kookie: Next time, he tries it, call me, I'll protect your eyes.

Me: I don't need protection

Kookie: (Y/N), don't test me or else....

That piqued my curiosity...


Kookie: Where are you?

Me: Why?

I glance around to see if by any chance, he showed up behind me.

Kookie: I'm guessing you're in the practice room, I'll be there in 10 min, wait for me

Me: ....

Kookie: Don't play with me, (Y/N).


I locked my phone and went to the computer to shut it down. I cleaned the floor and whatever mess we left there. That's one of the rules, whoever is last, cleans up. I looked at the clock above the mirrored wall and saw five minutes passed. I remembered what he said and a thrill went through me as he showed some bravado. I pack my things and turn off the light and sit in the darkness on a chair next to the computer right near the door. Not even 2 minutes later, the door bust open and I flinched a little, not enough for him to realize I'm there.

Kookie exhaled loudly, kicked the air, "I can't believe she left." Just as he was about to leave and close the door, I giggled. He stopped half-way out the door and leaned back and saw me sitting, my hands on my mouth. He squinted because the only light in the room was out in the hallway shining through the doorway. "(Y/N) ...is that you?"

I stand up and grin, "It's me~~", just as I was about to tease him, in a few strides he stops right in front of me, his chest touching mine. He was too close, so I stepped back. I looked up at him, not realizing that he towered over me just a little bit, so I had to tilt my head back to see his face. His face was in concentration mode, I've seen that intensity when he's passionately performing on stage, but I've never had it focused solely on me before, it was kind of unnerving and a turn on. "So, why are you in such a hurry? Huh?" I smile cutely.

Jungkook smirks and puts his hands on my shoulder, "I wanted to show you something, obviously your used to seeing topless guys all the time, right?" I nod, of course, in this field of work you get used to seeing so many chests that it's like no big deal. "I wanted to show you that Jimin has got nothing on me, I'm the Golden Maknae, after all." He walks over to the speakers and plugs his phone and points for me to have a seat on the chair I was in earlier. He presses play and drags my chair with me in it, to the middle of the room. He didn't bother turning on the lights, but the light coming through the door is his spotlight. I'm facing the door and the light silhouettes his whole body. The song is Jay Park- All I wanna do

He started to dance and do body rolls, my jaw dropped to the floor. He started to come closer and the song slowly faded into the room, all I heard was his heavy breathing, he put a finger under my mouth to close it. I gulped, hopefully not too loud, but I'm not that lucky, he smirked.

"Umm... That was very interesting and really good, is this for a special performance for tomorrow's stage?" Kookie closes his eyes for a moment, emotions flashing on his face, his eyes open and something was different in his eyes. There was some heat behind them. I tried to get up but noticed he was too close, so I tried to push the chair back.

Once I got up, he took a step closer. "(Y/N), Why are you so slow?" he says.

I look up to him, noticing as my eyes travel up his chest to his face, it's sweaty. A thought of me licking it off his skin popped up and I had to mentally wave it away. "What? What did you say?" trying to recollect what he asked me. "I'm your noona, why do you call me by my first name?" I asked, tilting my head to side.

"Because I don't see you as a noona," I was about to open my mouth when he said, "I see you as a woman, my woman." That shut me up real quick, this little boy trying me, let's fight fire with fire then.

"What makes you think you can handle me? I'm too much of a woman for you, go back to your crushes on actresses and singers around your age." I walk around him, feel his hand grab my wrist, twirling me until I'm pressed against his chest. Just as I was about to open my mouth to scold him, he used that opportunity to shove his mouth on mine and thrust his tongue in. I stood still in shock, my body going with his, my brain telling me that I have to get out, before I do something I'll regret. My hands ran up his chest, behind his neck and land in his hair. My mouth was moving on its own, I tilted his head to get better access to reach all the crevices in his mouth. His tongue moving along with mine. I pulled his head back and broke the kiss. Both of us, panting heavily, I steer his head to touch my forehead with his. I look up into his eyes and his eyes staring with desire, back at mine.

"Do you think I can't handle you, now?" he gives me a cocky smile. Which irked me, I spin us around and push him on the chair. His face shocked at what I did and even more so, when I straddled him. I grab the back of his head and kiss him hard, teeth meeting teeth, tongues sliding each other, I bit his bottom lip and he gasped and his eyes fluttered open to look at me. I graze his jawline with my teeth and he moans. I kiss his neck and suckle and taste his skin, leaving a few bruises on his neck and collarbone. I feel his hands grip my hips and situate me on top of his member. I feel the heat and the throbbing of his member growing through our clothes, making me rock back and forth on him. He groans and he starts kissing my neck and plays with my hair with one hand, the other is going under my shirt around my rib cage and slithering up to palm my breast. I gasp and I kiss him full on the lips and I lower my hands, feeling his abs and going lower. My hands brush against his belt and then his member, I put my hands on his thighs and get up. I try to readjust my clothes and hair. His expression of desire is replaced with confusion, "What's going on?" his throaty voice sent shivers down my spine, settling in my lower area. "You thought you could handle me, come correct if you want me. And that is the reason, why I'm your noona." I grab my stuff and his phone, "(Y/N), you're just gonna leave me here in the dark? In this state?" He gives me his best pouty face. "If you don't call me noona, I'll make sure to lock you in here, too." I start walking to the door, and I hear a chair scraping against the floor, then I see him right next to me. "Noona, please don't leave me, I really do like you a lot, I want you to be mine." I look into his eyes, realizing that he's still a kid. "How about this? You be mine and I'll see where we will go next. Okay?" He smiles cutely, nods, and says, "Ok," he readjusts his package in his pants, an uncomfortable expression on his face, "but can you help me with this?" He looks me in the eyes, with desire and determination. I look back at him aloof, I start to close the door, "We'll see when we get to my apartment." I give him a sly smile, and his eyes widen and then come to crescent shape at my statement. I lock the door and his arms wrap around my waist, his lips at my ear. "I cant' wait!" his hand reaches to grab my chest and give it a firm squeeze. I chuckle, "Then, let's go." He grabs my hand with his and the other one slides around my back to settle on my butt.

'Tomorrow night, he won't have that much energy with what I'm going to do with him tonight. KEKEKEKEKE'


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