who do you ship me with?

here are some things about myself: - I'm 5'7 -I'm British -my name is clara, but people call me Lou and kai - I work for NIYA modeling agency -my favorite colors are mint and grey -I'm in 3 bands -I play lead guitar -lead singer -cuddles - super super shy - nice - I'm a little crazy around my good friends -kinda a tomboy -athletic -more of a jeans and shirt kinda girl - SWEATSHIIIIRRTTTTSSS -yea -that's it. who do you ship me with?

I got tagged in a card like this and it looked fun....yall should do it too✌ my trash squad: @AbbyRamey@NinaKuduzovic@DestinaByrd@bbyitskatie@PrincessUnicorn  @stsmarlene@4dalientae@nnatalieg@Ercurrent@ninjamidori@JayRaider  @Kpossible4250@SusiBosshammer @ILikeHisFace123@twistedPuppy@nerdykeira

hi. kpop is life and I'm an awkward turtle. that is all. oh and my name is Lou <3
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