My Music Box:The missing Key. part 3

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You were the key to my music box The beating of your heart was the sweet melody

it played.

Narrator's Pov.

"Namjoon!" Hoseok Shouted excited, as he pounces onto Namjoon back. causing namjoon to lose balance and nearly falling forward. "YAH! you could of hurt my back doing that." Namjoon shouted as he tried to catch his balance. Hoseok still holding on to Namjoon shoulders, wrapping his legs around Namjoon waist. "yah... get off. Hoseok, you play to much." Jin scold. "You look like a monkey hanging onto Namjoon back like that hyung." Jungkook tease, while poking Hoseok sides. causing him to wiggle around and releasing his grip and fall on his ass. They all laugh, while Yoongi tried to help Hoseok stand back up. but their hard laughter cause them to fall back down. Namjoon was to busy having fun with his friends, he had forgotten all about taehyung being there. Namjoon turn to look at taehyung, who seem to have already left. "hey Yoongi, who was that guy that was standing over there a few minutes ago?" Hoseok asked. Yoongi Glace over at namjoon, than back at Hoseok. Yoongi rubbed the back of his neck and let out a heavy sigh. as he shrugged his shoulder give a concern look at Hoseok. "His name is Taehyung. He a childhood friend of Namjoon." Jin stated as he keep his eyes on Namjoon. who seem worried yet nervous and was pacing back and forth. Namjoon was debating on, if he should go look for V(Taehyung) or not. "Namjoon-" Jin tried to call him but Namjoon didn't hear him and took off.

Namjoon planned to look for Taehyung but coward out and went into the boys restroom instead. "aish." namjoon grunted as he splash water into his face. "something bothering you?" teahyung said,walking into the restroom and leaning against the wall. " yeah I guess you can say that" Namjoon stood up straight as he Rub the back of his neck put a awkward smile on his face as he responded. they both stood there quiet staring at each other Namjoon forcing a awkward smile as teahyung give one back as he nob his head. you could feel the awkward aura around them. " life?" Namjoon tried to break the silence. "it's cool I guess." Taehyung answered. and just like that the conversation ended. "how your mom?" Taehyung ask Namjoon . giving him a concern look. "she alright. better actually. how about yourself?" namjoon look away. avoid eye contact. Taehyung notice and looked down. "cool." Taehyung said getting up off the wall and putting his hands into his pocket as he hunched his shoulders.


the school bell went off. namjoon looked at his watched and realized he just skip all of first. "crap! I miss my first class Jin gonna be so piss" Teahyung arched an eyebrow "so. what does it matter." Taehyung tone of voice sound jealous. "He like get mad at me I miss class so he nag at me all day about it" Namjoon chuckled as he thought of all the other days Jin nagged him. "kinda like a mom?" Taehyung ask. "more like a wife if you ask me" Namjoon said sarcastically asks he started laughing. "Taehyung chuckled forcefully. rolling his eyes. "Ay, let's go to second period. I'll walk you." namjoon smile at him as he pat Taehyung on the shoulder.

Namjoon pov.

Something bugged me about taehyung. it wasn't something bad but for some reason I had the urge of wanting to talk to him and walk with him to class. I didn't understand as to why. but it felt right. "where are we going by the way?" taehyung asked me as we stop in the middle of wallway causing traffic. "oh yeah, ha. ha. where your class." asked him. taehyung gave me his class schedule. I notice he had my classes. "Oh you have my cla-" "KIM NAMJOON! WHY WEREN'T YOU IN CLASS!" Jin shouted as he approach me from behind I could feel his eyes burning the back of my head. "I can see you two can catching up" Hoseok said as he put his arm around taehyung " I'm Hoseok but you can call me Jhope." Hoseok introduced himself. "why jhope?" Taehyung ask arching an eyebrow and trying to slide away from Hoseok arm but failed as Hoseok pulled him closer. "I'm jhope. Because I am Everyone hope." he said then paused and look at Taehyung "and your hope" Taehyung looked a bit confused at first than a smile grin began to appear. we all walked to class together since we all have the same class. along the way Jin continued nagging at me. "and you better not ditch class again, got it! " Jin scolded "yes honey I promise I'll try to be in class from now on" I sad sarcastically wrapping my arms around him from behind as i rested my chin on his shoulder. Jin smirk and rolled his eyes.

narrator pov.

Taehyung notice Namjoon Holding Jin in his arms. he didn't understand what was going on between them two but by the looks of it, He didn't like the thought of them two together. But then he remembered Namjoon that namjoon didn't roll that way either.

it's not possible for them two to be dating

V(Taehyung) thought to himself. he looked to his side and notice Jhope (Hoseok) siding next to him. "Yah. jhope was it." V said as he tried to get Jhope attention. "yeah. What up uh. what's your name again?" Jhope responded. "Taehyung you can call me V. anyways what going on between them two." V ask as he tilted his chin a bit. pointing it at Namjoon and Jin. "Oh them. funny story. Jin is, 'Mommy Jin' and Namjoon is, 'Daddy Namjoon' we call them that because Jin is like a mother to us and nags at us like one too and Namjoon is like the dad that cares for us but is also those dad who try to be cool but fails horrible" Jhope laughed but V only frown his eyebrows as he looked a bit annoyed. "Tsk. whatever" V said. pushing his chair a slight distance away from his desk and lean back on his chair. crossing his arm and look away from everyone and out the window. but still gave glance at Jin every now and than. giving one more Glance V saw what looked like Jin was whispering something into Namjoon ear that he might of like causing Namjoon to lick his own bottom lip an bite it just a bit. this irritated V.

"Bitch" he muttered under his breath.

Personal Information From Me Hehe(^///^)

I know it's been awhile since I've update a new chapter of this fic I'm write sorry hehe. I had almost forgotten about this story of mine so I wanted to update it I know some people like it just a couple but even though it was little bit of people who liked it. so i have the responsibility to continue writing it because that would be mean of me if I didn't. it was one of my Second to First Story I've written. so to those how are New to my Tag list and weren't there when I first started I hope you guys enjoy this story I'm kinda having trouble with this one so yee. lol The beginning kinda slow but I have and idea of where I want this story to go but I'm having trouble with taking it there but I hope you guys continue supporting me and give this Story an shot I promise you, you won't regret it.

Thank you All for your support, it's  given me the confidence to continue My dream, with writing storys and being myself. Love you guys  (♡///♡).   Taglist: The Homies hehe.!@ESwee@CallMeMsDragon  @Helixx@AbbyRamey@KAddict @Jinislife@XergaB20@Kiyofugi@KaisPrincess@AmberRelynn@EniorehFrancois@tinafalcon22 @merryjayne13@LysetteMartinez @OliviaEdwards@KaeliShearer@TaehyungKey@MichelleIbarra @sarahdarwish@PrincessUnicorn@MrsJungHoseok@UnnieCakesAli @reyestiny93@KaitlynHewitt @Astrohelix@gyapittman@LisetteZapata@DestinaByrd@LemonLassie@marisamusic@Sailynn@luna1171@StefaniTre@SarahVanDorn@EmilyPeacock @janessaakemi@HelenaCrawford@LinnyOk@clstap1@Starbell808@MaritessSison@MaggieHolm  @AliciaJaneth@ILikeHisFace123 @parktaemi@PatriciaS@Jinnyrod3@kpopandkimchi@funnelcakeboo@lilbr0wneyes@maricruzmeza12@tiffany1922@aiisson@michievip@carrillojuana@ElishaFisher @MykelHobbs@IsoldaPazo@MomoChamie@JeniseRamos@CheyenneJessee@AmberFranco@lilbr0wneyes@nightshade18@BridgetJara@Msrayray95 @HerosBells@KarolinaTrevino@Kiyofugi@EmilyCayetano@GodessLuna@Dabaesaplayer@ParkHwaYoung@MarrickeJ33@resavalencia@JazminePerry@DanaMichelle@AgentVengeance@Sammie99522@amberg171997@LizzyRubyCiss  Thunder Fam!! @jessicaacosta90@KhrystinaLee @ElleHolley@JaiiPanda @ashleyemmert@Isolate @Dianabell@sarabear1021 @Jessicaacosta90@EliseB @Lexxsisco@ScarletMermaid@Nadinerzz@narutobandgeek If you wish to be removed (TTATT) or Add (^///^) to the homie tag list, please comment 'tag me' or 'remove me' thank you! sorry if I have you tag twice, Also if I forgot to tag you, just let me know. enjoy, I know I'm not the best with writing, so I apologize for my poor Grammar and punctuation. ~(n_n~) ~(n_n)~ (~n_n)~  

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