Two Butter London Eyeliners Worth Buying!

Butter London

The Butter London Wink Matte Liquid Eyeliner!

Color is Union Jack Black :)

I didn't necessarily need it to be matte, but I'm a fan of pens like this one, and found the tester to be great! After trying it for a few weeks, I can tell you some of my favorite things about it!


- glides on SO easily!

- dries quickly

- doesn't smudge - I can rub it and rub it even when just testing on my hand & it doesn't move!

- even though it's long lasting, easy to remove! my face wash took it off well.

- very matte

- comes in a ton of other colors!


- very matte (lol, I don't always love this!)

- not the most pigmented, sometimes have to go over it 2x (not often, though, I think this is a technique problem more than anything)

- felt marker tip isn't for everyone

Since I loved that one, I decided to buy another one of Butter London's eyeliners when I came across it on a makeup exchange forum for quite a good deal, and brand new!

Butter London's Wink Eye Pencil in Pistol Pink!

This is the first REALLY pink eyeliner I've ever owner, and it actually is so easy to incorporate into a look. I was worried at first because I'm a dark plum / black eyeliner kind of girl, but this really opened doors for me!


- glides on easily

- creamy enough to be blendable if wanted

- super long lasting! great for oily eyelids!

- color is VIBRANT, but not too neon-y

- easy to sharpen

- semi-matte finish!!!

- doesn't blend with my black eyeliner I use to tight line when trying to layer them/wear them next to each other

- comes in a ton of other colors!!!


- can smudge a little bit when first applying, but once set it's SET!

- needs sharpened often - creamy enough that I end up feeling like I am always putting a new tip on it

- has a little bit of glitter in it? not really a bad thing necessarily but unexpected

- drier, semi matte formula not for everyone!

Check out the colors!

source here!

I don't have any pics on hand of me wearing these, but if I wear them soon I'll make sure to update with some!

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