Why You Should Take Up Swimming

With a New Year coming, its time to think about what changes you'll be making to your fitness routine. Swimming is the best choice for people of any age or fitness level, and here's why: It's a total-body workout: Swimming hits all of your muscles from sculpting your back to toning your arms. All four strokes work to strengthen your entire body. It's joint-friendly: The low-to-no impact of swimming makes it the perfect exercise for people recovering from an injury or trying to give your joints a break. It's muscle-lengthening: Swimming combines resistance training and cardio to build lean muscle and boost your metabolism. It doesn't require fancy equipment: That's right; All you need is a swimsuit, cap, and goggles. It's optimal for cross-training: A swim workout will actually improve overall performance at the gym. Try jumping in the pool for an extra edge over your competitors in a marathon. It maximizes your cardio: You will improve your breath control faster than compared to running, causing your muscles to work harder. It's refreshing: Jumping into a pool is refreshing! Have fun with it, and enjoy being in the water!

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