If Logos Used Their Own Products

Ever feel like Wendy looks too healthy to eat Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers for lunch? Or that the Apple logo doesn't seem frustrated enough with the new iOS system to properly convey life as an Apple product user?

Italian graphic designer Marco Schembri decided to take matters into their own hands and reimagined popular logos if they actually used the product they promote.

Starbucks' siren is all sorts of awake and anxious.

And Absolut's been hitting the vodka too hard.

The only break Mickey D's had today was a scale.

Damn, Nestle. That's a pretty nasty breakout.

Whoops. Better be more careful with that blade.

And poor Zippo just got itself burnt to a crisp.

Whoa, Red Bull. Reel it back in a little, okay?

Apparently, this stuff is going to make you poop.

What do you guys think of these logos? Which ones were accurate, and what other logos could use a makeover?

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