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summer break was finally here but you weren't happy at all. "but why?!....do you really have to go?" you pouted as you tugged on sleeve of Bobby sweater. "(Y/N) you know how bad I've been wanting to go to this camping trip." said Bobby as he lean in closer to your, your face just inches away from each other. Bobby Place both his hands upon your cheek than squished them causing you to make kissy fish lips. "pst...whatever I see how it is... that stupid camping trip is better then your best friend i see" you whined, as you smacked both of his hands away from your face than crossing your arms in front of you. "(Y/N), come on don't do this to me." Bobby plead "Not everyone get an opportunity like this especially a chance to go to a YG training summer camp." Bobby explained but you just smack yours lips and look the other way. "We are you doing this to me~" whined Bobby as he grabbed you by your shoulders and gently shook you; giving you the puppy dog eyes. he knew you couldn't resist those puppy eyes of his "okay gosh fine, fine. ughI hate you. You know damn will I can't resist those puppy eyes of yours especially when you act adorable." you said to Bobby as you pinched his cheeks. "now get away from me" you added as you gently shoved Bobby away as you looked up and away from him. crossing your arm again and tapping your foot. Bobby grabs you and picks you up and start spinning you happily "Thank you, Thank you. (Y/N) I promise to messages you whenever I get the chance okay." he smiled so cutely. you couldn't help but smile back and nob yes. "you better or else I swear I won't forgive" you pouted cutey. Bobby nob his head firmly. "now PUT ME DOWN!" you shouted while smacking him on his shoulder but Bobby only laughed and toss you over his shoulder. holding you from behind your knees and started running with you hitting his back shouting loudly to be put down repeatedly.

You waved goodbye as Bobby got on the bus that would be taking him to the camp. he sat by the empty seat next to the window and waved bye back at you and making a heart with his thumb and index finger. as the bus began to Drive off Bobby watched you walk back home. He didn't know why he felt both sad and happy. he should be happy because he finally going to YG training camp but he feel awful for leaving you alone for summer break. Bobby plugged in his ear buds and listen to his music as he stared out the window. he began to think of how the camping going to be and if He'll make any friends. considering your his only close friend. so he really want to make some this summer. Bobby sigh. He look up and got closer to the window he notice as the bus turn a street. something similar. he noticed it went by the street that are close to yours. Bobby stood up from his seat. "um Hey. where we going?" Bobby tapped the boy in front of him. he boy flinched as he was startled by Bobby. "oh shi- Damm you scared me there." the boy said his voice was deep. "sorry. but where are we going" Bobby ask again. "oh. there one more guy their going to pick up. after that we're heading to the camp" he responded. Bobby lift a head up a bit, his chin pointing up and than bring it back down. as he give a big 'Oh' and sat back down and looked out the window again. he sat up excitedly and press his face up against the window when the bus pass your house. the Bus turn a corner and stop a couple of house down. He notice a similar figure walking out of a house. Bobby couldn't tell who the similar figure was yet because he had his face covered and was looking down. Bobby watched as the Boy got on the bus. Bobby gasped when he noticed who it was. Bobby gasp was quit loud it startle the Boy in front of him again. "shi-aish!" the boy grunted.

"what is he doing here" Bobby said to himself. keeping his eyes on BI. BI look up and noticed Bobby, their eyes meet and BI smirk. Bobby eyes widen and Looked away. BI walked over to where Bobby was sitting and sat down on the empty seats cross from bobby. putting both his legs on both seats and leaning his head back as he stared out the window. Bobby glance at him from the corner of his eye. than stare at him unaware of doing so. BI look over at Bobby and Bobby turn away trying not to get caught. BI chuckled and look back out the window. the Bus drive was a long drive and through out the drive Bobby stared at BI who was sleeping. for a couple of minutes than look away than stare again. he couldn't understand how someone who look so peaceful when they sleep can be so mean. They had finally arrived at the camp around noon. "Alright everyone get all your belonging and meet up at the camp entrance." one of the Camp guides informed them. everyone stood up and starched. expect for B.I who still laid asleep with his ear bud in his ears. Bobby nudge his foot. waking him up. Everyone met up at the camp entrance were everyone had to sign in and get their cabin number and key. "for a camp it sure is fancy" a boy comment. "i know right, but it is YG. what you expected." another boy replied chuckling. "true, but like seriously it look like a campus for a school just more nature-y " Bobby looked around and realized it true what the guy said it did look fancy and like a school campus but with trees and stuff. "name?" the front desk lady asked "oh. uh Bobby." the lady check his name and made him sign in as she handed him his key and guidance book. When Bobby went to his cabin he notice another bed. "hmm I wonder who's roommate" Bobby said to himself. as he toss his luggage to the side. and jumping onto his bed. "Wooow!" he hollered. "what the fu- ugh! really you" the boy said as he walked into the cabin. "hey. its the boy who sat in front of me." Bobby smile happily.

"it's junho" "whaa?" "My name is Junho" "oh, hey I'm Bobby. nice to meet you" Bobby shook junho hand.

"I think we're gonna get along just fine" Bobby smiled still shaking his hand. junho just looked confused and wonder if Bobby was ever drop on his head as a kid. as they unpacked they started talking and telling each other things about themselves. and getting along just like Bobby said. once they finished they went outside and walked to the cafeteria, where they had a welcoming dinner for everyone. "so who your guidance counselor?" Bobby ask junho. "I got Daesung and Taeyung. what about you?" Junho responded as he took a glimpse at his book than at Bobbys. "Um, Jiyong aka GD and T.O.P" Bobby said, his tone of voice was cocky as he toss his book to Junho. junho just laugh at how fast Bobby would get happy. They sat down and listen to YG speak and give rules "first rule you mustn't fight. if there a fight you both will be kick out and never allowed back here. ever again. second everyone must be at their cabins before 10 unless instructed other wise. third, you must wake up at 6 am and be at your a signed guidance counselor every morning at that time. they will be your trainers as well. everyone will have to participate in every group activity and work hard no slacking around is allowed. weekend are the free day but we also have group activities at night." YG went on. by the time it ended everyone had finally finished eating and went to bed. tomorrow was the start of Bobby first day of training and boy was he excited, he wouldn't shut up and talk almost all night until Junho finally told him to shut up.

Morning had finally arrived as junho and bobby clean up and went to their guidances counselor. Bobby walk into the room where his counselor should be. "your late." GD said as Bobby walked in. "I got lost for a bit...sorry" Bobby bow and went to take his seat. "Okay. yo! I'm G dragon I'll be one of your guidance counselor. I'll be helping you with your rap skills and composing your own lyrics. same with T.O.P he'll be doing the same thing. mostly with rap skills." GD introduced himself "Yo I'm T.O.P" "Alright then. today we're just going to help you guys with reading your schedule. another thing, you will be trained on your singing and dancing and all that stuff etc. but we will be your main focus. since that what you sign up for." GD explained. "Oh yeah everyone has to help clean the class room one day. also the Bathroom. those are the rules" T.O.P added. "alright so let partner you guys up" GD started giving out a card with a name to everyone. "Alright, which ever person has the same name as you. that yo' partner. Now Go and look." "And hurry up we don't like wait to long and no complaining on who you get. you get, what you get and you shut up" TOP Addressed Just as Bobby was about to get up BI toss his card on his desk. Bobby look and noticed that they both had the same card. "how did you know it was me?" Bobby asked holding up the card. "it's obvious double B." BI said as he grab his card back and sat down next to him. Bobby sat back down and slouched back down on his seat. "alright everyone good. great! the person who is your partner Will be your partner from now on, in everything you do and every classes, okay. oh and even cleaning the toilet together alright now bye! Oh wait also I want you two to pick a rap song and work on it for tomorrow to show us. both an English song and a Korean one, got it. okay go now." GD said. everyone stood up and bow and walk out. as Bobby walk out BI slightly bumped him. Bobby look up as BI smirk and glance at him for a second before turn around and walked away. From that moment Bobby felt Confused as to what is going to become of his life here now that he force to work with BI from now. "Your happy, your happy don't kill him you can't get kicked out. your happy" Bobby cringed his teeth.

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