Go'ing'fer Him Part 19

When you arrive back at his house he puts the packages by the stairs and the cats immediately come to investigate. “No, no, shoo, shoo”. He picks them up one at a time and gives them his attention. What did he say earlier? One of the things he loves about you? Watching him right now is one of the reasons you love him. Love. Did he really say love? You shake your head at your silly thoughts; it’s a turn of phrase.

After each cat is satisfied with his attentions, they come to you, it’s your turn. As you pick up Johnny you ask, “We have plans?”

“Yes,” he replies, waggling his eyebrows. “But first.. dinner!” He turns you towards the kitchen and smacks your bottom on his way past.

“You know, if I didn’t have a cat in my arms…”

“Promises, promises…” he chants only to turn and say, “make sure you keep them.”

At the end of dinner, he knows you are crazy with curiosity about the plans. He takes great pains to clear the table as slowly as possible. Just when you think you’re going to scream at the ceiling in frustration he grabs your hand and goes running towards the stairs. He swoops to grab the bags and keeps going, dragging you behind. The cats merely turn their heads as you pass, like its normal for daddy to be running through the house with a squealing woman.

He dumps the contents of each bag onto the bed and starts rifling through the pile. He finds what he’s looking for and turns to you with a devilish grin, hiding his prize behind him. You tilt your head and raise an eyebrow. This mischievous little boy appears as he presents you with a matching bra and panty set in your favorite color.

“Fashion show,” he leers at you.

The look on his face is so great you can’t help but laugh. “This is our plans?”

He lunges for you and puts you in a dance dip, “Can you think of any better?” He gives you a kiss with great flourish, hands you your ensemble and points to the bathroom door.

You have to admit, he has pretty great taste in clothes. You had loved all his picks earlier. Now, not only is this set gorgeous to look at, it compliments your coloring beautifully. Bonus, it is amazingly comfortable, you can't help but smooth out the silk and lace.

Even after last night you still feel a little shy at ‘presenting’ yourself to him like this. You timidly open the door a little bit, then a little bit further not believing your eyes.

The new clothes he bought you have magically disappeared. The lights are off and several candles have been lit on the night stands. You must have taken longer in the bathroom than you thought, the bed is turned down and the sexiest thing in your world is laying there waiting for you. The look of appreciation in his eyes chases all your fears and shyness away. He sits up on the side of the bed and motions you over. He suddenly seems really nervous as he takes your hands. He kisses your palms, turns them over and looks up at your face.

“I have a confession.”

You’ve never seen that look of almost terror on his face before. He is always so confident that you reach out and try to smooth it from his face. He takes a deep breath, “I love you.”

You’re pretty sure your heart just stopped. It wasn’t just a turn of phrase; he had actually meant his comments earlier.

He reaches under his pillow and pulls out a little box. “I knew when I first saw you. I would have approached you even if you hadn’t been our fan.” His little boy grin is back and you realize just how vulnerable he is right now. “I know this is fast; I just don’t want to hide the good thing I’ve found.” Tears are starting to form in your eyes; you couldn’t speak even if you wanted to. “I wanted to get you something to replace your Buddha.” He gives a little laugh as he opens the box, “Sort of like staking my claim.”

When you see inside, you can’t help but let out a little giggle. Nestled on the white satin are matching, literal ‘his’ and ‘hers’ rings. He looks up at you like a Cheshire cat that’s discovered a bowl of cream. With a grin you reach over and take out the ‘hers’ ring. As you slide it on his ring finger you stake your own claim, “Mine”. He puts the box to the side and takes out the ‘his’ ring. He places it on your finger, kisses it, and pulls you down to him. Rolling you under him he mutters; “No one else’s,” and stakes his claim.


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