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Tagged By:@twistedPuppy &@KhrystinaLee Most of my pictures are old, I'm not good with having my picture taken lol.

About Me:

- I'm a mom & my boyos are my world. (in case you couldn't tell lol) - I almost never take pictures by myself or of myself - I'm the oldest of 4 - I'm 4'10" - I refer to myself as Heinz 57 as far as my background, there's a lot going on there lol. Big ones are German, Irish, & English. - I am terrible at asking for help - I have a serious case of "Mother-Hen Syndrome", seriously I try to take care of everyone - If I'm not working, apprenticing, or doing something that involves my kids then I'm working on writing, reading, looking into college classes... it's a never ending list. - I love to sing, been singing since I was old enough to talk - I love to dance but never where people can see me (the pic of me dancing was taken without my knowing lol) - I almost always have my nose in a book if I'm not otherwise occupied - I love to swim, being in the water is like therapy for me. Especially if I'm in the ocean - FOOD!! Whether I'm eating it, cooking it, baking it, food is a passion I can't live without. -MUSIC!! Another thing I can't live without. Listening to it, making it, learning it, music is life. -I am not girly at all (unless there's a spider, then I turn into super girl lol) - Pretty much anything having to do with being outside I'm sold on. I grew up camping, hiking, rafting, surfing, four-wheelers, dirt bikes, again a never ending list lol. - I am very quiet until you get to know me, then I never shut up. - I'm opinionated & independent - The LGBTQA Community is very near & dear to my heart. - I have no tolerance for discrimination of any kind. - I'm not a big smiler (in case you missed that in my pics lol) - Family is everything to me. Blood or not if I consider you family you have me for life. - I am loyal to the end of the world & back - I don't trust easily, once you've broken my trust that's it, I don't give second chances (A hard learned life lesson) - Video games, pc games (when I have a working computer), table topping, L.A.R.Ping, anime, manga, comic books the "nerd list" never ends I think that about covers it for the most part, not really sure what else to put here lol.


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