Decide the Events of Hamlet in Indie Game Elsinore

I'm going to be honest with you. I have close to no interest in playing a game that puts you into one of Shakespeare's plays. But! There's something about Elsinore that really gets me excited and also glad I took that class on Shakespeare when I was still in college.

Elsinore puts you in the shoes of Ophelia in the play Hamlet but the team responsible, Golden Glitch Studios have put a fun -- and somewhat dark -- twist on the play. In the game, Ophelia wakes up from a terrible vision, one that tells her that everyone in Elsinore Castle will die over the course of the next four days.

But what's even worse is that she's stuck in the same four-day time loop that she can't escape. Since the game is fairly new to me -- I just heard of it after checking GDC updates -- I'm unsure of what you have to do in order to "beat the game".

It seems like everything you do in the game, though, has consequences behind them. And since you, and I guess Ophelia, know the outcome of Hamlet. You can even try your best to stop the events of the play from happening or making sure that everyone stays alive by the end of it.

It's an interesting way to put a game together. Most of us already know how Hamlet ends and the events that occur within the play. And by making Ophelia understand this too it puts her and the player in a position of power where they can try and change the outcome of Hamlet. By design, the game asks the player a bunch of good or great questions throughout the play. How can you get everyone out alive, is it even possible, how far can you go with the information that you have?

It's definitely a game I'll be playing when it comes out. What do you guys think?


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