Her Story Snags Seumas McNally and Excellence in Narrative Awards at IGF

Earlier this week, Her Story won two prestigious awards at the Independent Games Festival awards. Now, I'm not going to sit here and lie to you and say that I know who Seumas McNally is (if you do, please let me know) but I do think it's extremely awesome that Her Story won the Excellence in Narrative award.

Mostly because the game's narrative is the player's to discover. It's not one that's laid out to you like most games. Her Story is an example of real interactive storytelling. In video games, every story is interactive to some extent but most of those narratives are linear in nature. You move from Point A to Point B and sometimes during that journey you get to say different things to the characters around you.


If you haven't played the game or heard of it yet, I've left the trailer for you to watch below.

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