So I have a little obsession

So let's start by me saying I am a HUGE animal lover, especially cats. So without further delay......

Male idols with animal headbands!! And yes I know this picture technically doesn't count. If you can find one of my lovely UB with an animal ears headband, I'll love you forever!!! I have looked for months. But really can you imagine Kyungsoo voluntarily wearing one. LOL I can't. Moving on!



Shin-Cross Gene 😻😻😻


Jooheon and Wonho-Monsta X

Zico and Yukwon-Block B

Last but not least .... key-SHINee So do any of you have any kpop obsessions??? BTW I have another, Idols with glasses but that is a card for another day.

Penguinsoo loving, EXO trash!
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