I'm gonna write this here because I totally can and it will only be on my page. Unless anyone follows this or goes looking, it will just sit =].

Just a minute to gab about my fan fictions. Can I say writing them has been the best idea ever?!? I LOVE that people can totally comment about the section they are currently reading - right after they read it. And you think you get the "feels" holy crap these men are messing with me!

The picture above is usually what my screen looks like. Whichever picture I've selected for that card up in the background - staring at me lol. Then my earphones are in and their music is blaring.

I've been writing anything and everything since I was like 12. (many eons of years =P) I've heard from other friends that are published authors that you have to love your subject or it doesn't come. I've written stories that, wow, writers block major. These? It sounds weird but this is the only way to explain it:

Junho - he's a little prick (pardon me) - he's adorable and he bombarded my thoughts to get his story here but he hesitates. No, I don't hear voices lol, that might be cool though, someone to tell me the story and I just type. No he fumbles around with me for a paragraph or two and then all the sudden WHAM! I'm like four pages down and he's finally saying, okay, that's enough tonight. Geesh.

Xiah - OMG. He is my UB and I am an older noona, I've tried to be soooooooo good but damn that man has me crushing HARD. My husbands just gonna have to accept I have another man in my life because I just can't anymore with him. I'm toast, I'm done.

So the intimate scenes? Lol I read smut, I read erotic but I just can't get myself to write in that much detail. To me, if you are old enough to read it you are old enough to use your imagination with a little nudge and make it just what you want it. >] Plus, I've noticed it is really weird trying to write a smut scene for my UB who I KNOW is dating someone (so happy for him! honestly I debated with myself writing it because of Hani) it's just awkward, that's just me. But the night before I wrote them, ooooooh the idea's and the words but I was sooo tired and can I just say um, left frustrated?!

Now that I've gushed and spilled and rambled on - I'll go write the next section of Xiah cuz yep, his turn tonight.

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