Pastel Engagement Diamonds

In case you didn't know, the annual Baselworld exhibition, in Switzerland, is underway, which began March 17th and runs through the 24th. Similar to an auto show, Baselworld is the most important trade show amongst the entire spectrum of those in timepiece and jewelry industries.

While it's open to the public, it's mostly for industry insiders to make deals and where a lot of industry trends are borne.

I am making it a priority to make it to Baselworld 2017! Who want to join me?!

For your information, the A.A. Rachminov diamonds shown above are a variety of NATURAL pink and blue diamonds that have not been treated. These are amongst the most rare diamonds in the world!

If you're going to become engaged this year, I highly suggest you share this with your bf so that he can start saving! Just one of these will set you back starting at 7 figures!!!!!!!

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