The Right Time to Be "Clingy"


In our "wait 3 hours before you reply to a text so you don't seem clingy" culture, couples and friends often miss great opportunities to cheer each other up.

Either you don't respond quickly or you wait for the other person to text first - it's so silly!


Well, I'd like to share some times when it is totally okay to be "clingy" and text-happy!

I add "clingy" in quotes because I think people have different definitions :) My "clingy" tolerance level is high^^


1. When you know your friend/significant other is nervous.



2. When you have a story you know will make them laugh

My friends and I are the QUEENS of the "omg i'll reenact it for you later for the full effect but you will not BELIEVE what I just saw!"


3. When something reminds you of them

It's great to know people are thinking about you when you aren't around. My friends always text me when they see corgis because CORGIS. It brightens my day and will brighten your friends' day too!


And hey, there is NOTHING wrong with a "you're so great!" text just because :3

Are you bad at texting? Ever had a random text make your day?

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