Okay guys, I organized all 168 responses and here's what you said!


yeshad seen

almost90% of you have never seen thatIf you ever feel like someone is being malicious towards you or another Vingler

Annoying Stuff:

It was great seeing almost everyone say they didn't find anything annoying BUT there were some valid concerns!

1. Irrelevant Cards!


2. Copying Cards and Credit

If a new MV comes out or there is breaking news, please understand that people will post the same thing many times - its just the nature of the internet. Maybe check the community to see if someone had already posted about it before sharing something brand new! ALSO if you're participating in a game, please try to find the person who started it and link to their original card (or at least mention them in your card for credit!)

3. Incorrect Information

Please check your facts before posting news/rumors :) OR if it is just a rumor please make it clear that the facts aren't confirmed yet. It's hard to tell on the internet! Also, if you're posting fake subs please say somewhere in the card that it is fake!

4. Mature Content

As many Vinglers are here for just Kpop and not Fan Fic, please try to keep anything above pg-13 fan fic in JUST the fan fic community. Also, for all kinds of mature content, please try to give a warning in the title or first line of the card!

5. Notifications


What could make Vingle Kpop, as a community, better?

1. Delete Comments


2. Tutorials!

Vingle community

3. Just more interaction in general

Let's all work on that! Not just commenting but more events and maybe meet ups :) If you have ideas be sure to message the mods or comment here or something^^

4. More variety

Some groups are more popular here on Vingle, let's try to share more love for other groups too! It's easy to talk about just one group but I'm working on diversifying my content too^^

Hi Newbies, Lurkers, and Rare Commenters! This is your TIME TO SHINE!

Our family is crazy and wild and its so much more fun when you join the party :)

Other comments:

I LOVE VINGLE. It has literally changed my life forever. I feel so much more happier to be able to talk and connect about something I love so much with other people. I get in the best mood and have a better day after going on Vingle! :)

I just wanna say that this is the best community i found on vingle everyone i have met so far are part of my vingle family.

You guys rock, thanks for making my love of Kpop bloom in vingle and be able to share with other who love it just as much <3

I'm glad I've found this community I really don't feel like a crazy person for liking different things. Honestly it's what I've been searching for

This community is rare for an internet gathering of people. I NEVER see hateful or hurtful comments. Like never. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN. It's like magic tech science haha. And this community involves the feels for hot doods and ladies so its like, miraculous pretty much HAHA.

Okay guys, I want to share this amazing response we got

It's long but worth the read *warning FEELINGS ahead!*

What I found here was so much more.

Each and every one of us who post cards, took the time to put it together. I can see how frustrating it is for that to go unnoticed.

(edit: i took out the suggestion about official vingle notifications because unfortunately we can't control thatㅠㅠ)

It's hard for some folks when they first join

I got really long winded here. Sorry.

I love VingleThe fact that cattiness, drama and harassment don't take place here is part of why this community is so great.

What I have witnessed is a community come together to support others in need. To encourage those facing a tough situation. I have been awoken at 3am by a Vingler who was concerned about a member who might be hurting herself and asked for my help in contacting her. I have been brought to tears as Vinglers spontaneously made cards to help a member who was being bullied at school. I currently am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support the community members are showiing for BBxGD as she fights a terrible illness. Yesterday, I saw a card from an 8th grader who was simply asking for prayers for their friend who is battling cancer and there were over 30 comments from Vinglers sending their comforting words and prayers.

They shouldn't be subjected to it here too.

I really love you guys and hope that we can continue to make our family bigger and better every day.

You are some of the most spectacular people I've ever been able to talk to and I am thankful that we've somehow all found each other on this messy world wide web.

Vingle Family, you guys are amazing and even if we've never interacted, know that I love you very very much!


Okay enough mushy feelings :3

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for all of your survey responses :D

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