Miscommunication Part 16

Junsu rests his forehead against yours for a moment to get his breath than presses your face against his chest. Footsteps can be heard and multiple angry male voices. Junsu’s body has tensed up and you can hear the commanding harshness in his voice as he rapidly speaks Korean. The response comes back in English. “The monitor is off in here, we couldn’t find either of you.” You don’t recognize the voice but you do recognize Do-yun’s response. “I’m really sorry boss. Joon-woo had an emergency, he called Seon-Ki to come in to cover. I went down to accept your dinner when he showed up; I thought Joon-woo briefed him. I’ll take care of it.” Junsu places a hand under your knees and picks you up. He heads out of the practice room, passing the two silent men. “See that you do,” is all he says. One of them opens the penthouse door for you, as his grip on you never loosens. You hear the door close but he continues walking down the hall. When he puts you down, his body pressed against yours is still tense, the anger at being interrupted still a presence. He presses a kiss to your forehead and briefly tightens his hold on you. He sighs, takes your hand and walks you over to the piano. It’s the first time you’ve opened your eyes since the end of the last song. You look around at what you’d call his private lair. He’s walked you over to a baby grand that’s sitting in the corner next to a large floor to ceiling window. With the lights out and the drapes open the view has to be spectacular and inspiring. No wonder this is where he chooses to compose. You glance around the rest of the room; multiple shades of brown from the walls, carpet, bedspread, and draperies. It is very masculine yet very comfortable and peaceful. There is a fireplace across from his bed with a reading chair next to it, a bathroom off to the side. If this were your room, you would never leave. He sits you down on the piano bench next to him and begins to play. You don’t want to disturb him but your head falls to his shoulder. He doesn’t react or seem to mind, so you leave it, enjoying the closeness of the moment. You recognize the song as the one from the previous night. Its haunting melody somehow speaks to your soul. You can’t decide exactly what it is saying but it leaves you feeling peaceful, and safe. Those are two things you haven’t always been the last few years. What an amazing feeling to receive from a piece of music or is the feeling from both the man, and the music? He doesn’t stop at just one song but continues playing for the next half hour. It seems to settle him, from both the anger and hormones. The hormones are still there, but now they have transformed. What was an uncontrollable raging fire less than an hour ago is now like a warm, steady burn. You had no idea passion could be like this; hot and then simmering, just waiting to be reignited. When the music stops, he reaches over to stroke your face, kiss your head, and lean down for a proper kiss. “Can you eat?” You slowly nod; still not sure you can speak yet. Too many emotions; passion, lust, affection, fear, apprehension, freedom, and joy are all rolling around bumping into each other inside you. He helps you up and leads you over to the fireplace. He grabs a pillow for you to sit on, “This all right?” You just nod again, but he seems to understand. “I’ll be back,” he murmurs to you as he turns the fireplace on and leaves to get the food. The two of you picnic in front of the fire; he cracks a joke now and again to try to lighten the mood. He’s now relating funny stories about previous band members, taking the time to explain if you don’t understand a word or two. The night is turning out to be just about perfect. No matter what has happened, it was dealt with and the evening has continued on as if what you are doing, is what was planned all along. He takes the plates back out for Do-yun to have picked up. When he returns he notices you are shivering. Your adrenaline is crashing, giving you the shakes. He takes the afghan from the chair and wraps it around your shoulders. Making himself comfortable on the floor against the chair, he pulls you into his lap. “Better?” “Mm.” You respond; again speechless and it makes him laugh. He tips your chin up, “I thought we fixed that.” He taps playfully against your throat; “Are words stuck here? Or here?” he asks as he taps your head. You look over at him and tap your chest, “Here.” He simply nods and lays your head on his shoulder. A few minutes later he shifts a bit, “Sorry, just a minute.” He is attempting to pull his phone out of his pocket; the pocket you are happily sitting on. “Sure, you just trying to cop a feel sir?” He was flipping screens on his phone but looks up at that comment with a smile. “Do I still have to try?” Soft instrumental music begins to play. He was turning on music for you. You pretend to think about it a minute; “Don’t think too hard,” he complains. Feeling safe and coddled makes you brave, and you lean over to his ear and whisper, “I’m having problems thinking remember?” You stick your tongue out to lick above your earring that he's still wearing. With his shiver you then tug on it with your teeth. You feel the relaxation leave his body as it instantly turns back on. He moves you away from his ear, hands framing your face. Just before his lips meet yours he whispers back, “Let’s keep you that way.” When a noise startles you from sleep you reach over for Junsu to find his space in the bed empty. You sit up wondering if it was him leaving that woke you. You grab the sweater cardigan hanging by the bed and wrap it around yourself. As you approach the door to the hall you hear angry voices. Junsu had been laying there awake, watching you sleep. He understood your comment about too many emotions and feelings to sort out; he is having the same problem. Who is this woman that has turned his world upside down within only a matter of months? He is about to reach over and stroke your hair when he hears the first footfall. He quietly slips out of bed, pulling on pajama pants. He clicks a panel on his wall, reaches in and turns on the monitor. The night vision shows someone heading down the hall and stopping at the guest bedroom. He pushes the silent alarm to Do-yun and goes out to see who has invaded his home.


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