Fade Hairstyle with New Twist

My sister brought her boyfriend home for the first time today. She's never dated before and this is the moment where I wanted to be as an older sis. Sadly, I wasn't there but she kept sending me pictures. Okay, they are cute together but I was totally distracted by his hair.

That fade hairstyle with a modern twist.

This was the type of hairstyle he had.

I don't know his personality too well but his hairstyle is golden. I approve of it. So being the hairstyle nerd I have to search up style through various barber. Apparently, this type of hairstyle is currently trending. Fade on the side and pompadour at the top is the modern barber technique. I dug up a few CRAZY CREATIVE looks from talented barbers. Check it out.

This is an artwork for sure but the process of growing it out might probably be a pain. You'll need regularly maintenance to keep the style.

What I love about this is the textured on the top and the double razored edge on the right side. Take a look at the last razor work the curved is slick!

This barber stylist knows how to push boundaries! Look at those soft stroke trims!

Love how this fade cut and trim compliments the natural texture! Beautiful!

If you're afraid to try new things. This tiny fade trim is just about right!

Men hairstyling is much more complex than you think! I'm super impressed by these stylists ! Have you seen anyone of these cuts before?

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