7-11's Bring-Your-Own-Cup Day Is Not For Beginners.

7-11's Bring-Your-Own-Cup Day is officially back!

to fill it up with as much Slurpee as they can fit!

Every time they do one of these, people end up showing up with all sorts of things. So if you intend on going this time around, let me give you some strange-yet-ambitious Slurpee inspiration.

Now would be a good time to invest in a kiddie pool.

Or (kindly) ask your mother if you can borrow the rice cooker.

Well, here's another use for those KFC buckets.

I really hope this toilet was never actually used.

At least they made their Slurpee a bit more nutritious?

Drinking out of hats is the new drinking out of actual cups.


So cheers to those of you heading out for Slurpees this week!

May your cup/pool/hat/fishbowl runneth over - and may your brain only freeze very, very slightly.

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