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"Are you sure about this?" Tony asked. "What can i do?" "Just say no" "I cant do that, Tony. They are my trainers. Plus they older than me." "Man, Korea is weird. Awsome but weird. Ok fine. Here, you will definitely need all of these"*this punk*"Hello" "Dont forget the cuffs!" "What cuffs? Tony what the hell your talking about?" "Look under your pillow""Yaaa... Tony im going to kill you" "No you wont. You will enjoy that shit" "Tony, when ever i see your face. You better watch yourself." "Ok shutting up. Bye"What Tony!!" "Who's Tony..." "Ohhh im sorry, Jiyong. I thought you was my roommate." "Ahhh, well your ready?" "Yes. What time you coming.?" "Im actually here." "Ok. be right downstairs.""We had permission to extend the concert two weeks ahead, cuz of his injury. So everyone has a week off." "That's good. It will give them a brake.""Cuteee!!"*Damnnn youuu nyongtory*"So J.J. you will get the quest room, and ill stay with Seungri. Sounds good.?" *Yes yes yes* "ya its ok. i will be heading towards my room. ill help you with the bags as you take Seungri to the room.""Hey you guys, i was thinking..tomorrow lets have a small cook out. Lets invite all the boys." Seungri said. "Sounds good to me. J.J can cook good" "Sure, i got no problem to cook. So thay means, i am going to sleep. Boys have a good night" "Good night" They both said it at the same time.

Seungri J.J left my room and went to his room. Then Jiyong stands and took my hand. "Come on. lets shower before bed." I grabbed his hand and we both walk inside my bathroom. As i took off my shirt, Jiyong hands flickers on my pants. I look at him as he unbottons my jeans, then i hear the zipper going down. He slowly puts my jeams down. He stands and looks at me. I had to smile. This innocent guy is not that innocent, he is one dangerous man with full of tricks. He turns on the shower and let the warm water hit my body. As i relax i felt Jiyong rubbing my back with soap. I moan to how good it feels. Then Jiyong hugs me behind. "Do you have any idea how scared i was when i had to take you to the hospital. I thought i lost you." I grabbed his hand and held it tight. I didnt cared thaybwe are both naked, but i turn around and i hugged him. "Im sorry, Jiyong. Just alot its going in. I lost control" Then we both finish ourself up and went to bed. We stayed in our boxers. As we laid down, i couldnt resist it. I cuddle myself into him. Jiyong has been aroumd with in mu goods amd bad times. I wamr to tell him of how i feel for J.J. Maybe tomorrow. Then a deep sleep came upon me.

*what a beautiful sight*"Is there anything you need sir?" "No sweety, but i need you to do one thing for me" "Sure""Go to the market and grab all these things, and here is the card to pay them" "Yes sir.""Boys, get up!""You guys get up.. come one breakfast is ready."


"You guys have five minutes to come down to eat breakfast"*Ohh myyy lordd. Why G, just why*"J.J, why .. just why?" "Stop whinning.. here""This look so good"*Damn the bitch is fast* "Whats all this?" Seungri asked. "For the cookout silly." "You can definitely cook, huh" "Just wait and see""Alright Seungri maybe you can help me our with cutting some vegetables and Jiyong.""You may go to sleep. But when i wake you up, dont complain" "Goodnight""Seungri,, cut it this way and then that way" "Ok. And what me to do all of them." "Yes, please."*Silly boy**Ohhh my world, what he... gasp*"im ok, Seungri. its just a small cut. Im used to them."*sucks to be woman*"Go wake up Jiyong. Everyone will be coming in two hours. While you do that im going to set up the grill" "ok""Those lips.."*i want him, so bad. but i cant, i cant expose myself like this.**i cant**no no no**I need to get away*


A triangle formed. Will she choose between them, if so... who? What will she do next?

My name is BB ♡ Also Mrs.Kwon Im Big Bang and GD stan.◆ I love kpop and khh ◇ I hope you all enjoy my cards☆
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