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She turned her eyes away from me to HeiShik then flashed an obviously fake smile. "I'm assuming that this is the new girl. Are you giving her the introduction?" She gave HeiShik a stern look. "I was told to give these to you so that you could give them to the new girl." "Um, I'm sorry, but she has a name." HeiShik said nervously. "Oh, well that's not exactly important right now. What's important is that you get your paperwork done as soon as possible." She almost threw a folder to HeiShik then turned to me. "I guess I do need to know your name for...reasons." "I'm Y/N." I said nervously then smiled. "What's your name and position?" She sneered at me. "I'm Yi DaeChul. You don't need to know my position here, all you need to know about me is that I am your superior." She walked out of the office and shut the door. "Um, she's not usually like that." HeiShik was sitting on the chair looking through the folder DaeChul gave her. "She's usually really warm and kind to new people." She set down the folder then got up. "She's only like that to people that make her mad. Have you already done something to her to make her hate you?" I backed up shaking my head. "I haven't done anything! I've only seen her once and I didn't even speak to her at the time!" I looked at the floor and heard HeiShik walk over to me. "Don't worry about it now. Right now I have to tell you about your job here." She walked back over to the folder and pulled a paper out then handed it to me. "Firstly, you will watch their practices to make sure that they are staying on task. That means both singing and dancing. Secondly, you will be helping me with the social medias. Official releases of pictures, songs, and updates. Thirdly, you will crush any negative rumors that pop up anywhere. This is where we really have to work together. We have to make sure that the rumors do not get out of hand and make sure they aren't actual facts released by other companies." I nodded while reading the paper that said all the same thing then set it down on the desk. Suddenly someone knocked at my door. It sounded different from DaeChul's knock. I ran over to open it but the door opened before I reached it. In came Taehyung and Jungkook sweating and smiling at the same time. "Y/N! I'm hungry so let's get food." Taehyung said excitedly. "Um, Shik?" I looked back to her and she nodded with a smile. "Alright, where are we going to go?" Taehyung grabbed my hand and followed Jungkook downstairs. The others were walking out from another hallway then saw me running behind Taehyung. "Todaaay~" Taehyung spun around a few times. "We are going to be eating at one of our favorite restaurants on the block! Actually, it's two blocks away." I followed him through the doors of the building then out onto the street. We walked down a few streets while talking excitedly until we reached a cafe type restaurant. Hoseok held the door open for all of us as we walked into the colorful restaurant. "Y/N," Jungkook spread his arms open outward to the restaurant. "This is the aA Cafe!" We all laughed at his antics then sat at a table. We ordered sandwiches and continued to talk. "Y/N, our choreographer, Son SungDeuk, wants you to help him tomorrow with our choreography for our comeback." Jimin said. "I don't know why. We're doing great with the choreography!" The food came and we started to eat. Namjoon was the first to talk after we got our food. "Chimchim, you left before he could explain." Jimin didn't bother to look up from his sandwich to hide his embarrassment. Namjoon turned to look at me. "He said that our dance is lacking something, he needs ideas for the dance." I nodded then turned back to my sandwich. We finished eating, paid, then left. "Jin~" Yoongi whined after walking a few meters. "We should walk the scenic way today." Jin scowled at him then sighed. "We don't have a reason to hurry back today. Plus the meeting doesn't start until 2 and it's 12:30-ish right now." Jin sighed again then nodded. Yoongi skipped to the front and slowed down in front of me and Taehyung. We walked past a park and down a few flowered walkways. Then we had to turn down a less scenic street to get back. "Y/N." Taehyung said quietly as he grabbed my hand. "This area can be a little sketchy, so don't let go of my hand until we turn down there." He pointed to the end of the street that was more populated than where we were. I nodded and picked up my pace. "This area doesn't have a very good reputation. It's known to have a lot of fights and a few gangs. Hence the reason there isn't anyone this way, everyone tries to avoid this place." All of us picked up our pace more and more until we were halfway down the street. "YOU THERE!" Two men jumped out in front of us with guns pointing at us. We all put our hands up instantly, which means that I had to let go of Taehyung's hand. I saw another person run out of an alley across the street with a gun pointed at us. I turned and watched as two more men ran out of a building behind us also holding guns. Behind us, two more men ran up the street with guns pointed at us. All of the men encircled us with a gun pointed to each of us except me, I was in the center of the boys. "ALL OF YOU! DON'T MOVE AND DON'T SAY ANYTHING! IF YOU DO, YOU'LL GET A HOLE IN YOUR BODY!" The man walked forward and grabbed Taehyung's shirt collar. "You're a pretty boy, eh? You all look like idols, yeah. Oh! I know, I've seen you guys before. You're BTS aren't ya?" We all nodded and watched Taehyung get dragged out from the circle. I busted through the protective circle the boys surrounded me in and tried to grab Taehyung's hand. "Hm?" He twisted my arm behind my back which made me yell out in pain. Taehyung looked at me with panicked eyes as he was passed to another one of the men. I struggled against the man who was holding my arm back. "T-taehyung..." I gasped. Taehyung kept looking at me as his hand were being tied behind his back. "Who is this pretty?" The man lifted my chin up to look at him. "You couldn't possibly be one of their security guards when they have to protect you." He let go of my hand but then grabbed my throat and lifted me up a few inches off the ground. "For now, we can only take one or it'll be a bit too suspicious but there are no restrictions against you. Of course, you won't sell well, but money is money." He literally threw me towards two other men who were waiting with rope to tie me up. "You six, you will not say anything about this. Just tell whoever that this one went elsewhere or something. If we find out that you did tattle on us..." He held his gun up and made a gunshot sound. "...right through the head. No one will be able to find you." I was shoved towards an alley where one of them came out and I watched as Taehyung tried to hit one of them with his tied hands in front of me. Three of the men stayed behind to make sure that the other six didn't try to follow us. Both me and Taehyung were shoved into a rundown building and down a flight of stairs. We were sat on wooden chairs across from each other then one of them tied us to the chair. I watched Taehyung get punched in the face until his nose started to bleed until the same happened to me. I was barely conscious when I saw Taehyung get hit in the stomach then his body went limp. The man walked over to me then did the same as soon as I heard Taehyung say something.

Ah, yep. That did just happen. If you were actually wondering why this chapter is almost a week after Jungkook's chapter is because I went to New York! It was nice, I was there for 4 days and had a lot of fun. I am going to (try) to get the other chapters up by this week, so look for that! One thing I wanted to mention is that the BTS' Experiment collection now has 27 followers! Plus my Fanfiction collection has 11 followers. So if ya add it up, there's 38+ people that enjoy this story! Don't forget the tag list, there's 30 there, so 68 people! YAY! So happy that people enjoy my work and I appreciate the comments too! Thank you all! Alright, that's a long enough card. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Feedback is also welcome here. Suggestions too for whatever, any member, whatever (except smut, you know why) and I will make sure to add it to the story! Mkay, bye~


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