How I got into K-Pop

Funny how I love K-Pop so much. I loved this song since I was little. I can't remember. Maybe when I was about 8? I had three older sisters. So all of us 4 would have to kick a sister out lol.

it's Big Bang!!! I've lost interest in kpop after many years. I totally forgot that K-Pop exist in my early teen years!! where have I've been!!! -.- I was browsing either youtube or my siblings playlist. then I heard Big bang's lies. I was totally amazed how good the song was. I've started my obsession then aha in middle school. after hearing haru haru. oh boy. you don't even know. aha I wanted to be a idol like G-Dragon. he was my bias and so was Taeyang. they were hotties. I really didn't wanna expand my bands because I like to stick to a band until I really like another aha. also I liked 2ne1! bc they were like the girl version of Big bang lol

I kind of gotten over Big bang. not really lol. I started to like SHINee. because my friend always talked about Onew and SHINee. especially when I heard Onew broke his front two teeth. I felt so bad but I gain interest either way. Taemin was my bias. then Jonghyun. I didn't really like Minho for some reason aha but he's okay now. I also liked SNSD at the time. that was the reason I started to dance :)

I really liked U-kiss because of Kevin aha especially when he singed In your hands. he was my biggest man crush beside Taeyang aha. he's angelic voice xD

B2ST! I really didnt like them at first but I just thought I give it a try. Yoseob and Junghyung really catched my eyes. the girl band I liked at the time was 4minute xD

I really liked Infinite when they came out bc of Epik high's run. I love epik high's music at the time and I happen to saw L. he was so cute! I really liked the whole band for once aha not just one person. their dance was really sync so I was a big fan of their dancing and singing skills.

sigh... EXO. I was in love when they first came out! I couldn't tell apart DO and Baekhyun aha because they both kept sitting and standing up. But in the end I had the biggest crush on Baekhyun. though I prefer DO's singing most time aha.

funny thing is. I've heard Danger awhile back when I was really into EXO. I thought the song was good. Jimin attracted me bc of his arms aha but the group didn't really leave a good impression on me. but recently!!!!!!! I decided to try BTS again and saw Dope. wheeeeew. boy sure I went head over hills!!!! especially for Jungkook. lol and now this is my current band I'm loving so far! I usually stick to a band for a good year or two. but hopefully I'll be sticking to BTS for a while. so far my big bias in the whole kpop is Jungkook :) Jimin is catching my eyes tho. he recently went back to brown so he has a cuter appearance but Golden Maknae still has my heart! I love K-pop!

sexy aha

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