....I am terribly sorry Vingle fam!


I am sorry that I left Vingle so suddenly....can't tell just how long I was gone!!! Crazy school I have been studying non stop and somehow I still think I am failing my math class (I am just not great at it) *refer to the gifs* Then the funny thing is that I dropped my phone in my ramen bowl......so I technically have no phone (except the one I am using but really its not on service and only works with wifi) so yeah Just dealing with people huh...aww well

But I am back and I will try to be as active as I was!!! I miss you guys!!! I have a lot of catching up to do!!!! Wow there really have been a lot of stuff happening (Gummyz I am going to Got7 concert in LA!! YOUNGJAE HERE I COME ) I NEED to buy Bts Now3 Dreaming Days dvd its amazing!!!! So now as an apology I will leave some of my favorite Bts spam to brighten your days/nights!!!


Proud K-pop loving Californian girl!! Major fan of Bts and VIXX!! Ask away...heh I am very fun once you get to know me, I would love to make friends on here! Send me a message if you are interested ^-^
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