Quacy - DAY DREAMIN' (2016.03)

믹스테이프 [DAY DREAMIN'] 발표했어요 ✈

이번 믹스테이프는 제가 군 전역 후 느낀 감정들과 생각들 또 포부를 고스란히 담아낸 앨범이에요✨

Nuttyverse, BUNG, Mala Greg, Calli가 피쳐링진으로 참여해주어 제 의도를 표현해낼 수 있게 도움을 주었어요! 들어보세요🎧


Trip (Feat. Nuttyverse)


01. Retrieve (On 'Prod. By Accent Beats')

02. Trip (Feat. Nuttyverse) (On 'Prod. By Hache Rgz')

03. Look Up (Feat. Mala Greg) (Prod. By River W)

04. Day Dreamin' (On 'Kondor - Day Dreamin'')

05. What Are U Doing (Feat. BUNG) (On 'Prod. By KLAE')

06. 자 이제 (On 'Prod. By Roman RSK')

07. I HATE (On 'Prod. By DenzelAy')

08. 쥐새끼 (On 'Drake - Started From The Bottom')

09. Flowin' (On 'Prod. By Mykal Riley')

10. Moi (Feat. Calli) (On 'Prod. By CMBeats')

11. 텅 (On 'Prod. By Bless Brian')

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