Asia's Prince and An American Pauper


A Lee Kwang Soo Fan Fiction 3 "They're in a meeting right now so once you get on the floor the secretary will show you in," she said so sweetly. You sit where directed by the managers secretary and check yourself out in you makeup compact. Relief washed over you at your image, nothing out of place. You heard a door open and jumped as your nervousness crept back in. You look up to see the Asian Prince, Lee Kwang Soo, walking your way. This had to be a dream, he was leaving the room you'd soon be going in. There was no way this could be real life you inwardly fangirled. He acknowledges the secretary then you with a small bow. As he left your presence you exhale a breathe you didn't know you were holding in. The secretary smirks before saying, "(Y/N) they will see you now." 2:41pm your phone read as you silenced it. ... You walk out the building feeling as light as a feather. You were pretty confident in the interview and was happy to hear the details of your job and your monthly salary. You were right, if you got the job today's wardrobe expenses would be nothing. In fact you could even look into moving if you got the job. The highlight of the day wasn't the interview however, it was that modelesque beam of light that acknowledged your existence. You had to tell someone but in your month of living in Korean you still hadn't made friends. You wouldn't want to tell your coworkers because the discussion circles around the idea of you quitting and that wasn't professional. After some thought and your memory returning you knew just who to tell. Back on the subway train heading to your second job you activate the chat app. You click Asia's Prince's chat box and see that its indicating that he's in the process of writing you a message. You wait a minute but never receive anything. *I moved to Korea, finally. And guess what!?* *...* *Never mind don't guess, I'll tell you. I just met the real Asian Prince!!!* *...* *What? You don't believe me?* *What makes you think I'm not the real Asian Prince?* *Sweetie I'm pretty sure you're charming but I'm talking about Lee Kwang Soo.* *...* *? Sorry, I didn't mean for that to be taken as rude. Please don't read it as rude.* *So you moved to Korea?* *Yeah, and I think I just got hired at my dream job. Well not necessarily dream job but at the company I've been hoping to work at.* Your stop was announced over the intercom which alerted you to get off the train. *Well I'm off to my second job I'll talk to you later.* ... It was quiet, not many people needed to be serviced tonight and the few customers that came didn't require complicated solutions. The night seemed to drag on so you pulled out your phone and messaged everyone in your chat app. Asia's Prince was the only responder. *I thought you were suppose to be at work?* *I am, its really quiet.* *So can I ask you to clear this up? You moved to Korea, have two jobs and working on a third?* You snorted to yourself after reading his question. You found it funny how he comprehended your situation. *No way. If I get this job I'm planning on quitting the other 2.* *Oh, makes sense.* *Of course it does. I really hope I get the job.* *Me too. Fighting!* And with that your conversation gradually returned to the entertaining way it was when you weren't a resident of Korea. That night you had an acceptable fangirl dream of the amazing awkward goofy giant that you briefly met earlier that day featuring Song JoongKi, Kim JongKook, and John Park. You woke up giggly to a message from Asia's Prince. Yes your luck was surely turning around.

Author's Note: Not sure where this story will take me. Kinda at a writers block position as well. At least this is part 3 which means I have a week to figure out the next move.. it went smoothly until this part. See ya next week. Its your favorite K-Pop/K-World Fandom Trainee, just a trainee, Elisha aka ENF2. Today is another day to do better, I'll do better, you do better. 사랑해 ❤

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