Lovely Nabi : PT 42


Looking into the mirror above his bathroom sink he noticed the heavy dark circles under his eyes. It had been a week since they burried her and Jin was still uncontious. Wiping his hand over his face he looked deeper into his reflection wondering what to do now. He was so close to being with her and now she’s gone forever. Hoseok sighed as tears fell from his eyes, he wasn’t sure when they started to form but they fell into the water pooled into the sink. The pain in his chest only grew each day never showing any signs of easing up.

Opening the cabnet he took out the bottle of pain pills. He never seemed to be able to take enough to make the pain stop. Pouring out the rest of the pills into his hand he put them into his mouth getting some water to swallow them. All he wanted was for the pain of loosing her to go away. She wasn’t even his so why did it hurt so much. Was his love for her more than he realized? Dropping the empty bottle into the trash he turned to leave his appartment.

Walking amelessly along the sidewalk he didn’t care where he was going he just didn’t want to be at home alone. If he was still for to long she would show up in his appartment smiling at him. She would always try to get him to follow her to wherever she was; she couldn’t speak only gesture to him. The door leading out onto the balcony was always where she stood. No doubt the demon illusion was trying to get him to jump so he could be with her. As much as he wanted her he knew she would never try to do that to him.

It wasn’t just when he was awake that he saw her. Every time he closed his eyes to sleep she would fill his dreams. It would start off with her looking as beautiful as ever only for half way through her body would become a mangled bloody mess causing him to wake. He had walked a long way ending up on the walkway crossing the bridge. Only then did he realize his feet were taking him towards the graveyard where she was burried. Hobi had only made it half way across the bridge when his vision became blurry.

The whole world was tilting and he felt completely numb. His body was numb but his heart still ached worse than before. Loosing his footing he fell forward onto the pavement his cheek slamming against it but he couldn’t feel any of it. His head was swimming with thoughts and static; the static slowly growing to take over his mind. In the distance he heard someone screaming but he couldn’t see where it was coming from. Flowing from complete darkness to bright light Hobi didn’t know where he was. All noise in his ears seemed muffled and far away.

For a moment he found color exploding into his eyes as people came into view. He was on his back now with someone over him yelling but it was still muffled. He couldn’t hear anything over the loud sound of sirens going off in his ears. His body felt like it was moving even though he was laying on his back. He tried to move but couldn’t lift his libs. It wasn’t long before the darkness swallowed him back up.

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