Exo Meeting your Ex

Xiumin: When he comes out of the bathroom at a coffee shop, he sees you talking to a guy hes recognized from a couple of pictures hes seen. He goes up to you and your ex really nonchalantly, but wanting to get you away from him.
Come on babe, we should go. We need to get to that thing.

Luhan: At first he tries to be nice,
Hi, Im Luhan, Y/Ns boyfriend. When your ex snickers a bit and says Really?
Luhan laughs back and pretends to think its a joke. But on the inside

Kris: He watches your ex out of the corner of his eye while you two talk, smirking whenever he says something stupid, not worried at all about your interaction.

Suho: He smiles politely and acts nice when youre paying attention, but when you turn your back, hed shoot your ex glares.

Lay: You and Lay ran into your ex at a restaurant, and you invite him to sit with the two of you to catch up. Lay notices that your ex is sending you flirty looks and touching you more than he has to. When you excuse yourself to the bathroom, he confronts your ex about it.
Im watching you. Y/N is mine now, so keep your hands off. Ok? He says with a smile and a thumbs up at the end.

Baekhyun: You two were shopping at the supermarket and when he returns from getting a bag of chips, he overhears your ex asking to get back together. He comes up to you and pulls you behind him a little.
Yeah… Sorry, thats not going to happen.

Chen: When you run into your ex on one of your dates, Chen would just stare at him, making sure that he didnt try anything. Or touched you. Or even somewhat flirt with you.

Chanyeol: He sees you laughing with some guy he recognized from your old social media pictures. He comes up behind you and throws his arm across your shoulders, laughing loudly at a joke he didnt hear.
Haha, so what are we talking about?

D.O: He watched from the car as your ex came up to you at a gas station and he overhears them hit on you with an incredibly inappropriate comment. Hes ready to go over and give them a piece of his mind, but then sees you flip them off and tell them to fuck off.
Thats my girl.

Tao: Hes been having a conversation with a random guy he met while waiting for you to try on clothes. When you come out and stare surprised at them, he gives you a weird look.
Tao, I see youve met my ex.
Wait… what?

Kai: When he sees you talking to your ex, he comes up to you and whispers something dirty in your ear, purposely making you blush, and saying it just loud enough so your ex could hear.
I cant wait to get you home tonight. Then hed turn and pretend he didnt see your ex standing there.

Sehun: You ran into your ex and you start talking and catching up like old friends, leaving Sehun feeling left out. He would start initiating a lot of skinship, first holding your hand, then hugging you, until you stop him when he leaned in for a kiss.
What are you doing Sehun?
Just reminding you that your perfectly good and handsome boyfriend is right here. (jealous maknae is jealous)

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