BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang Is Embarrassed By His Acting, “I Should Never Act Again”

BEAST‘s Lee Ki Kwang shared his feelings about his first lead role in a drama. On June 10, the press conference for the KBS 2TV “Drama Special” where actors Ryu Soo Young, Nam Bora and Lee Ki Kwang attended. About his first lead role, Lee Ki Kwang commented, “It made me think that I should never act again.” He explained, “The other people acted so well but I don’t know why I look so awkward. My hands and feet were curling and it was hard to watch myself.” He continued, “Thankfully, the director did a really good job. I think all the scenes came out really well.” Director Lee Eung Bok commented, “Since Lee Ki Kwang’s schedule was busy, he shot for four days straight. We had to shoot all of his scenes at once and he did very well in all of the emotional and comic scenes. He did an excellent job.” Lee Ki Kwang’s role of Kyung Sook, is a handsome and good-natured but has a terminal illness. So Kyung Sook asks his friend Chi Hyun to find him someone who can give him his first kiss as his last dying wish. The drama special is titled, “My Friend Is Still Alive,” and will be aired on Wednesday nights at 11:20 PM. The pilot episode will air on June 12.

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