Anyone Craving a Little Jimin?

Anyone feeling hungry? How about we fulfill our appetite with some yummy photos of this cutie fulfilling his? Imagine being the one that gets to spend each meal with him everyday:

First, at Breakfast, he is already ready for his busy day, but insists that you share his cereal with him before he goes off to work hard with the group. He even put an extra spoon in his bowl just in case you got up before he left!

At lunchtime, you surprise him at work and bring enough food for the whole group. You made noodles just because you like the cute little face he makes when he is eating them.

When he gets home from work, he insists that he takes you out to Dinner, although it really does not take much to convince you to have some Jimin time!

And of course, dessert is a must!

Well that was a yummy day! Jimin is pretty full, and so are you, but...


How about a little snack?

Well I am pretty full now. Just a little thirsty...


Just an A.R.M.Y. who's head over heels for Jimin
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