Lee Min Ho Press Conference Japan June 2013 (Part 1)

June 10th,2013,Korean star,Lee Minho,made a Press-Con for his "My Everything" album launch in Tokyo,Japan. About that time,he began his singing career & said,"I've been singing their favorite songs in FM so far,but I want to interact with supporters with my own songs now". Lee Minho added,"enthusiastic to improve the ability by create a rich stage by adding a new song every year". After playing in many Korean versions of "Boys Before Flowers" & "City Hunter",Lee Minho became 1 of popular Korean stars in japan. There are 6 songs recorded in the album,including 2 songs,such as "My Everything" recorded in Japanese. The shine on the top spot on May 27th in Oricon Daily Chart,Lee Minho showing his joy,"it's an honor,because I never thought of it. Really,I want to convey the feeling of sincere thanks to all the supporters". At present,Lee Minho holding a Global Tourto celebrate his album release. The tours was held in Japan,June 7th & 9th. Therefore,with a smile,he said "I sang with all my soul to give the best. When I see everyone good reactions,I was so happy at that time". Says he showed off his dance on the stage,"I did dance on China FM for the 1st time,but supporters jokes called 'dancing machine' at that time. From 'dancing machine',I did it now",he said with a smile & laughed. "I want to acquire the ability to get used to". credit: Original Japanese Source : mantan-web.jp English Translation: SailorMoonTroops

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