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I want you to think of the color white.

I want you to imagine yourself in a room that completely white.

Now tell me how you feel in that room….

"I'm scared, I don't want to be here, I want to go home, I want to run into his arms, I want feel his warm embrace...I don't like it here, I want to leave, it’s scary because there’s nothing here. It’s lonely. I don't want to be alone," hearing woman’s voice you began to cry as you remember.

"This white room represents death, and how you feel about it."

"I don't want to die!" you cried as the woman dressed in black holds you.

"Then wake up honey, open your eyes," you slowly began to open eyes as you wake up in a hospital room. Your vision is still blurry as you turn to right to see a figure beside you. You began to rub your eyes to focus. "(Y/N) how are you feeling?" you can hear Jimin’s voice. You stop rubbing your eyes as you look up to see him standing beside you. You began to cry hysterically as you feel your heart pounding harder and faster. It felt as if your heart was breaking even more. Jimin sits next to you and takes you into his arms. You try to push him away but he only holds onto you tighter.

"LET ME GO JIMIN!" you cry out loud as you began to hit Jimin on his chest. Your blows come slower and gentler as you began to cry harder. He whispers, "It's okay to cry while your heart is breaking but let me comfort you so you won't have to do it alone when you’re feeling weak." Jimin strokes your hair as you cry even harder, "it’s okay (Y/N) I've got you now, it’s okay. I promise to take care of you and heal your broken heart and never let pain come near you okay. Shh it's okay." You cried harder nearly having trouble breathing you didn't want to be held by Jimin. You wanted Jackson’s warm embrace and his soothing voice that eased your hurting heart. Why isn't Jackson here in your moment of need? Why is Jimin the one holding you and comforting you? Why did you ever let yourself fall for Jackson?

"I hate you so fucking much!" you grunted as you tightened your hold on Jimin’s shirt.

"WHY DID YOU MAKE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AND THEN YOU SHATTER ME INTO PIECEs WAE!!" your voice cracked as you cried out in agonizing pain "WAE!" your voice shuttered. You felt Jimin hold you tighter. You push away a bit, but still staying in Jimin’s arms. You moved back just enough to look up at his face, to which you find Jimin with tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Why are you crying?" you stutter.

"It pains me to see the girl I love cry out in so much pain for another man," Jimin said as he wipes your tears with his warm hand. Jimin slowly leans in and kisses your forehead, then your cheek and before you knew it, he was at your lips. You didn't pull away as you slowly closed your eyes

It has been two weeks since you've been discharged from the hospital and Jimin has been by your side the entire time. You become comfortable with Jimin’s company. He was nice and sweet. He always thought about your feelings and treated you as if you were a fragile glass doll. Even as the days went by and you'd cry and yell at him to leave you alone, Jimin never left your side. He would even stay up with you at night on the phone as you cried for Jackson. He never got tired of you crying for him and he was not mad either. Jimin only comforted you and told you, “It’s going to be okay.” Time passed slowly and you began to get over Jackson, who never showed up once to see you. You began to slowly accept Jimin into your life.

"Hey beautiful, how are you feeling?" Jimin surprised you with a back hug at work.

"I'm feeling better now that you’re here," you said turning around wrapping your arm around his neck. He placed his hand behind your low back and you lean in and gave him a passionate kiss. "Have you eaten yet?” Jimin smiles. "mmm nope," you said as you kiss him again. Jimin start smile like a dork through every kiss. He even started blushing. "I'm still not use to you kissing me like this" He says ever so cutely and shyly. He looked at you and then at the ground. You start blushing from how cute he was and kiss him again.

"Come beautiful, let go eat!" Jimin said happily as he takes you by your hand and starts walking towards the exit.

"Wait my bag it's still at my desk" you said as you stopped midway towards the door. Jimin tells you to wait there as he takes off running to grab your bag for you. You start giggling at how cute his actions are.

You look out the glass window and you notice it's started to rain. You watched as each rain drop hit the glass and slide down one after another.

It's been a year and 3 months since Jackson disappear from your life and it's been 3 month since you’ve started dating Jimin. You never imagined your life turning out this way. You never imagined your life without Jackson in it either. You began to feel a tears fall down your cheek. "(Y/N) let's go I got your bag," Jimin startles you as you quickly wipe away your tears, trying to hide the fact that you were crying just now. Jimin noticed you by the window, he realized it was raining and saw you wiping your face. He knew you'd get sad if you were to stare at the rain because it brings back that awful day. Jimin walks up to you and hugs you from behind and kisses your neck. He whispers into your ear, "I want to make rainy days fun to you instead. Will you let me?" You turn to look at Jimin as you nod your head yes. Jimin takes you by the hand and pulls you into the rain. You both take off running and you almost slip as you tried to keep up with Jimin. “(Y/N) wait, take off your heels," Jimin said. "Why?" you ask as you took off your heels. Jimin sudden picks you up and carries you like princess and continues to run with you in his arms. "Ah be careful," you shout when Jimin almost slips, but continue laughing and running. "Jimin put me down!” you laugh happily as he spun you around, the rain hitting your faces. Jimin looks into your eyes and you into his. He slowly kisses your lips passionately yet sweetly beneath the pouring rain.

You break free of the kiss as Jimin puts you down. "Where are we going to eat wet like this?" you giggled. "Oh damn it," Jimin said shocked as he rubbed the back of his wet neck.

"I can cook food for us at my place," you said point to the direction of your apartment. Jimin eyes widen "your place?" He noticeably gulps.

"Yeah. I make a pretty good Ramyun if I do say so myself," Jimin kisses your cheek and agrees as he drives you both to your place. Jimin was nervous; he had never been into your apartment. It wasn't because of nasty stuff, but because it’s your place and he is going to see you cook. Kind of like the way a wife would for her husband. Jimin stops the car and he blushes.

"Okay we're here," He said avoiding eye contact. You could hear the shakiness in his voice.

"Okay cool let's go in then," you smiled cutely. Jimin ran out of his car and to your side of the door so that he could open it for you instead. You started laughing at how he almost tripped. Jimin was the complete opposite of Jackson. Jimin was a dorky boy although he may look like the type that was smooth and slick he wasn't. He was this cute, shy dork that made you feel so special and so wanted.

You open the front door of your apartment and walk inside. Jimin stays standing outside. His body froze as he stared inside. You walk over and begin to pull him in. "(Y/N) wait! No I can't. I'm not ready! Wait!" Jimin pleads as he tried to pull back digging the heel of his shoe to the ground, but that only made him trip and fall on top of you.

"Ow... OH MY GOSH (Y/N) did I hurt you?!"

You didn't know what came over you but you pulled Jimin in and kiss him deeply. Jimin places his hand on your cheek as he deepens the kiss. The kiss became sloppy and wet. You feel Jimin press his pelvis against yours and the feeling his throbbing member made you moan a bit. Jimin breaks the kiss and his eyes widen from hearing your moan. "I'm sorry (Y/N) I can't hold back anymore," Jimin said as he lifts you up and carries you to your bed. "mmm, Jimin don't hold back okay?" you moan into his ear. Jimin lay's you down as he began to kiss your neck, then your collarbone. He slides his hand up your shirt. You look at Jimin and his eyes became the eyes of beast. Jimin took off his shirt and revealed his chocolate abs. You trace them with your fingertips. Jimin lifts your shirt and removes it exposing your lacy black bra. You unclip the back of the bra and you let it drop to reveal your full luscious breasts. Jimin took in a deep sharp breath then bit his lip. You grab his hand and pressed them against your breast. Jimin began to kiss your neck as he groped your breast. He began to kiss down your neck to your collarbone and then to your breasts. He kisses them and licks your nipples, which cause your body to flinch and you moan quietly. You lift your hips pressing your pelvis again his. Jimin moans as you grind your hips beneath him. He rolls his hips and rubs up against you creating friction. You remove your pants and Jimin removes his. He kisses your thighs moving slowly upwards. He hovers over your delicate area and the feelings of his hot breathe only aroused you more. Jimin slips your panties off as he licks in a circle around your folds. Your body jolts and trembles as your grip on to the bed sheets. You close your eyes tightly embracing the sensational feeling of his tongue massaging your sensitive spot.

The feeling that Jackso- you shot up and push Jimin away. "What's wrong?" he asked full of concern. You could only shake your head repeatedly. Why would you be thinking of Jackson of all times? Why now? Tears began to stream down your face. Jimin wipes them away and said with a low voice, "Did you think of him again?" You look up at Jimin’s sad face. You buried your face into Jimin’s chest as he held you in his arms. You started crying but not for Jackson because you knew how much Jimin was hurting and it pained you to know that you don’t feel the same way he does for you. It’s been an hour and you had finally stopped crying. Jimin ordered food for the both of you. You kept apologizing over and over and every time you did, Jimin would just kiss you to shut up. You did like Jimin because he so sweet and passionate but Jackson was your first love and no matter what, he still had a place in your heart. That night Jimin slept over you had fallen asleep in his arms while watching a movie.

Jackson Pov

"Jackson!" I could still hear her voice call for me every night. As the days pass I began to feel as if I'm going insane. I saw her everywhere I looked. Her beautiful smile and her gentle eyes that sparkle like the star filled night. That day she cried out my name before that car hit her, I lost a piece of me. I hated myself. It was true what Jimin told me that night at the hospital. However since I'd entered her life nothing but bad things had happened to her. My Mother even told me it's best if I just let her go, that way she lives a happy normal life. "She wouldn't have to constantly wait for you until your tour is over and she'll be able to fall in love and have a normal relationship. She would not have to hide it either," she said. But I love (Y/N) and I know one day I'll get her back when our minds aren't so hectic and our hearts aren't so damaged.

"Jimin stop put me down!"

"(Y/N)" I looked out the window of the coffee shop. I could believe what I had seen. The looks on your smiling face as you kiss him so sweetly. This can't be. That isn't you in Jimin's arms. My chest tightened. I felt as if someone was stabbing me. My breathing became difficult. "Your place?" I heard Jimin’s voice as I look up to see you nod your head yes as you both take off running. I slam my fists on the table. I got up and walk outside. I wasn't going to let this happen. I won't lose you to him. I'm not giving up on you not now Not ever. I swear on everything, I'll make you mine again. I clench my teeth as I watched you hand in hand with Jimin laughing so happily. God it killed me

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